Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Project 365: #148 Butterscotch bread

Have you ever had butterscotch bread? Have you ever had butterscotch bread with butter? You should because if you haven't you are missing some awesome combo here :D Too bad they don't sell this bread where  I live. My parent bought them at the airport on their way home.

Are you wearing pink today? :D


Voe said...

This sounds very intriguing indeed!! But I don't think they sell it here either.


Louise said...


Ayu~Emma said...

MY FAVE!!! ^^

Candypop said...

omg i love butterscotch popcorn so i can imagine this must taste awesome! UNfortunately ive never seen this in australia b4 >=[

a!k0 said...

@Voe: yeah I know how you feel. it is sweet and you can eat it like buns ^^

@Louise: it was :D

@Ayu: me too!! with butter :D

@Candypop: oh I should try butterscotch popcorn :D it sounds interesting. my fave is cheese popcorn..the bread taste so sweet and amazing with butter :D sweet and salty. too bad they dont have any down under :(