Sunday, October 2, 2011

October is breast cancer awareness month!

And I am happy to share it with my birthday month. Yay for October! I am an October baby. This month I will try to wear something pink everyday. Which is kinda hard since I don't a whole lot of pink in my wardrobe. I need to find a pink ribbon soon. :) My immediate family have never been diagnosed with breast cancer but my aunt in my extended family passed away due to breast cancer. I have friends that had lumps removed from their breasts but fortunately they were non-cancerous.

I hope all you beautiful ladies out there gets your breast check out everyday if possible, by you or your doctor and get you mammogram done. You can even let your boyfriend/husband do the breast exam ;) *wink wink*. Spread the cause and stay beautiful.

I want to share this funny commercial with you. :D Never gets old.

Did you wear pink today?


Ayu~Emma said...

lol~ I like the "quote" from the last pic x]

a!k0 said...

yes lol me too!

adele said...

Yes, I wore pink today :) Such a good cause. Fancy following each other on GFC?

Marie said...

I'm wearing pink right now.;D

***** Marie *****
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Mimi said...

hahaha, this is the first time i've seen that commercial! that's funny! ;)

i am currently wearing pink pjs. :)

<3, Mimi
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a!k0 said...

Yay love my pink girls!!

@adele: today I wore a pink ribbon in my hair :D Yes I do follow you on gfc ^^

@Marie: yay for pink! Never thought I would say that :P

@Mimi: i think i need more pink pjs :D

Denise Pacurar said...

Great awareness!

xoxo Denise

a!k0 said...

@Denise: it is :D