Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nuffnang celebrates BlogDay!

So I don't know if it is a coincidence that Nuffnang blogday fall on the 31st of August, which also happen to be Malaysia's Independence day (Merdeka! Merdeka!) and it is the second day of raya (eid). I hope I am not too late to submit this cause I want to share with you some blogs I found interesting and I read through and through! (but I don't limit myself to these blogs cause I follow hundreds of blogs!) So here is my fair share of blogs that I am so in love with (and then some!).


Lorena is an amazing and beautiful lady that travels! OMG I would love to travel all over the world. Her photographs are amazing and reading her blog makes you wanna go pack up and see the world.


Lee Oliveira is an awesome photographer, his muse comes from everyday people on the street. He has a fashion blog which I love to look at and get inspired by. I would say he is a world traveler now, I wonder if he would ever come to Malaysia? :D


The Blythes amazing journey to be with each other. :) I think I love reading this because it reminds me of my own relationship and the hardship of getting there. They are just a beautiful and cute couple, jealous here! ;)


Michelle has the most amazing DIY-house project blog ever! Formally known as 3 men and a lady, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy earlier this year and has renamed her blog. :D She posts about house renovations (and I love those DIY stuff) and she have some pretty awesome ideas.


I found Kaitlin's blog from another blog (which I totally forgot!) and I just fell in love! I don't bake often or cook but her blog is amazing and it will make you drool like crazy! She also takes amazing pictures and share recipes on her blog. Sweet!


I am a sucker for amazing and beautiful pictures - and for inspiration, I want to be able to take awesome pictures too someday (not be a photographer cause I don't think I am creative enough). Jennifer takes beautiful photographs for wedding, senior portraits, you name it. And since she lives so close to CLK I so want her to take our wedding pictures :P (if it ever happens anyway). :D And she looks so hot now - with her weight lost and all. I am jealous and envious!

So these are some awesome blogs that I adore and love to read. These are 6 of hundreds of blogs that I love. I have them all on my blogroll if you want to take a look. To all bloggers out there, happy blogday!! and happy merdeka day!! and selamat hari raya!!

Other blogs that I think is awesome:

Have a wonderful week!


Bun Bun Makeup Tips said...

I really enjoyed the blogs you recommended! Especially love the That lady's got talent! And the jennifer photog blog is great too! I love looking at beautifully taken wedding photos.
Great list!
And thanks for including my blog as one of your favorites! =D

Jennifer Brindley said...

Awww, thanks for the photography shout-out! xoxoxox


Marie said...

Thanks for the links and oh my gosh, thanks for including my blog!:D Made my day.:D

I hope you are having a happy week!:D

Btw, did you get the bracelet yet?

***** Marie *****

a!k0 said...

@Bun bun: I could list like hundreds but these I 'stalk' regularly ;) yes that lady is pretty awesome and her kids are gorgeous!! and I love your blog! are you kidding me, I gotta have you on my list :D

@Jennifer: I found you long ago and I love your work and when I found out you're in Milwaukee I just jumped up for joy! I would love to have you take pictures for me someday :D and youre welcome!

@Marie: I can never forget you :D my bloggie friend ;) yay I am glad it made your day! and no :( i think it might be lost in the mail.

Shoaib said...

Hey you have a nice blog..and thanks for visiting my blog..:)

a!k0 said...

@shoaib: thanks :) you have an awesome blog :D