Thursday, August 18, 2011

Football update: Arsenal season 2011/2012

Last weekend was the start of the new season. Football. My life. The football season keeps my insane life more insane and I get to compete and talk bullshit with my male friends, what's not to like? :D But having your other half there with you would be a lot nicer.

Imagine my greatest dismay and utter disappointment when I found out 4 of my favorite players have moved (transfer) to other clubs. =____='' It was really sad.

1. Gael Clichy

I think he was the most versatile player especially paired with Bacary Sagna. I hope he isn't thinking about moving too! We will miss you Clichy.

2. Cesc Fabregas

This move was (not) a big shocker. There was a lot of speculation that he wanted to move since 2 years ago but he always state that he is a true Gunner. But we all know he can only be a true Gunner for so long and one day would move back to his hometown, Barcelona. I actually was very disappointed to hear he actually wanted to move this season. After losing Clichy, this was one sad, sad story to me. And he was the captain and was pretty good too! =____=''

3. Emmanuel Eboue

4. Samir Nasri (possible move)

Arsene Wenger did brought home a few new players:

#15 Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
Joined August 2011

This guy have the longest name :P and I think he has the sweetest smile :)

#25 Carl Jenkinson
Joined June 2011

Am excited to see him play.

#27 Gervinho
Joined July 2011

This dude is from Ivory Coast I guess replacing Eboue. :) He got in a little tiff in the first game but I am excited for him to play too :) And a striker, which is pretty awesome.

#31 Ryo Miyaichi
Striker (another one!)

I believe this guy is from Japan (I think?). I am not sure but he looks sweet doesn't he? :D Am hoping he is just as good as Park Ji Sung the Manchester United player.

The started their first game last Saturday which they draw, 0 - 0 with Newcastle United. They also played in the UEFA Champions League vs Udinese Calcio and they won. :) Yay! Their next game is this Saturday against Liverpool and I am excited. :)

Sorry for the geeky-ness and football overload. XD

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Janel said...

I have to admit, I didn't like watching football/soccer before. Then, I met the hubby... opened my mind to a lot of things :).


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Carrie said...

i'm not really into soccer. i like football and basketball better. But yay, glad you're excited for the season.

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Vicky said...

I don't like football, but the guys are quite hot :)

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Mimi said...

i'm not really into soccer, but i did enjoy reading this post. at least i learned a thing or two about the sport. :)

<3, Mimi

KittyBonkers said...

As a Chelsea supporter I laugh at your misfortune to loose some of your awesome players BWUAHAHAHAHAHA <3

But I can't wait for it to all kick off properly, see what the table will be like Christmas!!

Oh, by the way, I changed urls on my blog, so my blog posts may no longer show up in your googlereader, thats why D: Miss your comments!! <3

a!k0 said...

@Janel: Yay for your hubby! ^^, it's funny how I do the same to my bf :P he likes watching it as long as I watch it with him. :D

@Trabajo: :D Thank you for inviting!

@Carrie: I was but they sucks so bad..and it's only been 2 games. I dunno how much I will like this season but yay for football! I think I might watch them :) and yes I saw and i joined!

@Vicky: Yes ;) they are pretty awesomely hot :D

@Mimi: Girl I tell you I don't even know all the rules :P

@Kitty: OMG I have missed your blog! I looked and was sad you change your URL. :( and yes they sucks at the moment! I am very sad!