Monday, September 6, 2010


Lately I have been blog surfing. :) It is awesome!! I read a ton of awesome blogs, namely Bubble Face blog. :D She's one cute blogger :) who's a cardi addict!! :P Love it!

And I also have stumble upon blog giveaways. :) Tons of them actually and I am so lazy to post them up (and I have entered in some...laziness, evil!!). They are awesome blogs too! Maybe if I remember I'll put up some names and links in later posts :) One blog giveaway that is going on now is from Oh To Be a Muse :). Awesome giveaway, I think I overly used the word 'awesome' :P.

Click for giveaway!

Anything that comes with jewelries and cosmetic, I am loving. ;)


KittyBonkers said...

Awwwwwws thanks so much for the shout out in your blog you are so nice <333

And oooo I love give aways as well, I always enter them if I can!!

And Arsenal would be a conspiracy if they won anything ;D

Ack, I don't do running, it hurts my boobs!! I prefer swimming or bike riding as they are all over exercises :D
I hope we can too!! Thank you you are so incredibly sweet!! <333

Oh I love dresses AND cardys, I have to buy cardys to go with the dresses I buy!! ;D Thats my excuse anyways!! Where do you live by the way?

Its a shame you don't have lush there D: Its such an awesome shop, I have never really looked online, are their shipping costs expensive?
Mines not quite nearing its end, but I will need a new nivea lip balm soonish!! GOSH is expensive for a drugstore brand but it is so good you need to find it somewhere to try it!!

And yeesh while the boyfie is around, not much else is done here either haha!! ;D

Kitty xx

a!k0 said...

Awww <3<3 :D