Friday, September 3, 2010

Transfer News: Arsenal's new signing

Ok this was last week's new but I totally forgot to write about it. I think the signing window for now is closed but before that Arsene Wenger did signed another player for the team. Sebastien Squillaci is a French international defender and have joined Arsenal. I see a pattern here...French players :P. Since I know Arsenal have lost some
French players from last season, we need to stock up on more French players ;) (altho I do prefer the young, cute ones XD).

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KittyBonkers said...

Ahhh Arsenal and their french players, I bet thats just cause the managers French :P hehehe

thank you for the comments on my blog!! You are so nice!! Haha I think we all need to get up and do more stuff, people sit down to much infront of PCs and games!! We all need fresh air hahaha!! Awwww thank you so much for saying I am beautiful you are so nice, made me blush!! Healthy is good, and I hope I can achieve it!!

And haha yeah I do have a few cardys, I can't stop buying them D: CARDY ADDICTION!!

Kitty xx

a!k0 said...

you know what, i thought of that too >:D i think its the plausible conspiracy! ;)

yeah makes me wanna go jog till my legs fall off, i want legs like kim kardashian! games are evil!! :) you are beautiful :D i really meant it. i do hope we both can achieve it and look good for our lads ^__^

ah, i was(still am?) madly in love with them, now im loving dresses more, altho i dont have as many as you :P im jealous. oh youre so lucky you can get them easily there...