Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fasting Forward: Counting down, the month is almost over!!!

This post is "Picture Heavy" :D

Just wanna share some photos of the last few days of the week, OMG can't believe Eid is around the corner!!! >.<"" so much to do, so little time (cause I've been procrastinating :P).

Had dinner with the family for my brother's birthday.

My special drink :D 3 layered tea ~~ yums!

Oyster omelet :D yumms~~

Buttered chicken... o_O

Japanese tofu...

Sister love <3

Mixed veggies

Sea cucumber soup ~

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KittyBonkers said...

Mmmmmm your post made me hungry. I want to try that tea!! And the Japanese tofu!! And the Sea Cucumber soup!! Mmmmmm
You and your sister are so pretty!! Awwws <3 Is it hard fasting for a month between dawn and dusk? How do you do it?

Everyone loves giveaways :D
Oh yes I am definately quirky, if I could describe myself in one word, quirky it would be!!

you should learn how to swim!! Its so freeing, just being in the water where you are weightless, its brilliant!!

Wow that is far away!! Its a shame Lush doesn't ship there D: You can ask your boyfie :D I am sure he will send you some!! And wow he lives so terribly far away how do you cope!!

I have tried burt bees as well and I do love it but you can't get it in shops here so its cheaper to buy Nivea :D

Its a shame you didn't find the product you wanted, I hate that too!!

Kitty xx