Monday, September 20, 2010

When-you-blog-about-football-you-know-life-doesn't-get-that-much-surprising Game 5?

Ok midweek I was super excited about Arsenal winning to Braga (yes it is an Arsenal post, man up) but I was really frustrated and disappointed that they did not win against Sunderland. It is typical Arsenal style (yes they have a style which they need to change!) to do great, and win big midweek and suck on weekends. They need to beat Chelsea :P ahaha. But yeah, disappointed but not so much since 'thankfully' did not watch the game, the channel was crazy fu***d up. The only goal scored is by the sexy captain himself, Fabregas. Which kinda suck I was hoping they would win and gap themselves further from Manchester Utd and closer to Chelsea, but it was not meant to be. **Sob sob

Too bad he got injured not even half way thru the game :-/

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