Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Champions League: Group H

Arsenal vs Braga. It was a home win, 6-0. :D Too bad I did not catch it live!! :'( Booo, I heard they have a replay tonight...grrr, really pisses me off. They show Manchester Utd, Chelsea game and not Arsenal. Bugger...

But anyway, they won big. The biggest score last night. So yeah, next time please have a LIVE game on. XD I'll update when I've watched the game (if I don't that means I didn't watch the game :P). Or I am lazy. XD Or you can read it on the website (they have awesome pictures too!).

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Update :D

Oh wow, I am procrastinating again =__='' It's already Saturday (here) and tomorrow I have to go to my uncle's wedding and I am (with my cousins and sister) are in charge of favors. Bleh, meaning no time to mingle, sit and take pics...well maybe I can take pics and have to pass out favors and that means GETTING UP EARLY.o.O Horror~ At least I hope to get some good pictures :)

Oh on to the game, I didn't manage to catch the replay on tv o.O *sob sob* but I did catch the videos online.

Arsenal v Sporting Braga
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It was uh-mazing!! :) Really great game by the boys!!! And there is another game tonight. Woohoo!!!~~ Will update with results, good luck Gunners!!

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