Monday, September 13, 2010

Game 4: Arsenal v Bolton Wanderers

Can we say HURRAH??! :D Another win for the Gunners ^__^ I love it when they win (DUH!) and there is another game on Wednesday (Thursday morning for me =___='' another late night). First Champions League match, scary. :P

No he didn't score, but voted Man of the match. :) Thriller game, 2 goals scored towards the end of the match by Vela and Song, which I did see. I was out with friends and came late (almost midnight) and only got to watch the last 30mins of the game. :) Amazing still. They won 4-1 and it was pretty big because Manchester Utd and Everton draw. XD. CLK was hoping Everton would win (so was I cause that means that Man U would lose XD) but they didn't so that puts Arsenal no 2 on the table below Chelsea. Good enough for now! We need more wins!!

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