Monday, September 13, 2010

Fasting Forward: New month begins

Sorry for being MIA for's been a busy week (so far!) with the fasting month is done and over with now it's moving on to the joyous occasions (read: eat, eat, hang out with friends, eat, eat, take photos, eat, eat then get fat :P LOL!). :) I really like Eid cause I get to hang out with friends, eat yummy food, hang out with friends and stay out as late as I want. You know you go visiting and hang out with friends (did I say hang out with friends already?). So yeah, it's a good time to catch up and stuff. :) Since I am beat (damn tired got home at 2am!!) I am gonna leave ya with some pictures from the last few days. :D And of course I will update on a later date. :) I need some zzZZzzz.

me and my cousin

me and cousin :D

Cat on a platter~~ LOL

Cute cookies!!

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