Thursday, June 25, 2009

The world bid farewell

To Michael Jackson. I was really shocked when CLK told me that Michael Jackson has died...this morning. I found out at about 630am. Like seriously. The night before I was reading that Farrah Fawcett (may she rest in peace) has died and now Michael Jackson. I was laying down in bed while talking to CLK via Y!Messenger and I though he was literally kidding. At first I thought I was dreaming cause I just woke up from a short slumber then as I probe him with more questions he told me, 'Yeah it's true, it is a shock.'

The Jackson 5, the beginning of a legend

So I got up (forcing myself to get up from my comfy position) and typed 'Michael Jackson' on the Yahoo! search engine and there it was staring at me.. "Michael Jackson, 50, dies of cardiac arrest." I still couldn't believe it!! Like seriously? So I told him it's true. :( I mean I am not sad sad or anything...maybe I am sad but I don't really know him. But like countless people have said, stated, wrote, called in the local radio (yes, 2 of our local radio
station are playing a MICHAEL JACKSON marathon, which I guess isn't so bad cause I like his songs), he will be greatly missed. He was literally the KING OF POP and no one can replace the irreplaceable Michael Jackson. The Great Michael Jackson.

Michael, may you rest in peace, and may peace be upon you. We, the World, will miss you.

We bid you farewell.

~ Images is curtesy of Yahoo! News and Ballz.


rachaelgking said...

Lovely tribute... it is so very, very strange to know he is gone!

a!k0 said...

thanks LiLu. Yeah, it is strange, its so surreal, and I saw the memorial ceremony, I cried when Paris said those wonderful words o.O