Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June bug

It's the June flu-bug...this is the second time I am down with a fever-flu-cough in a week. *sigh* I think the first time I caught the fever-dizzyness from my friend Dianne, then I realized last night I wasn't feeling so well. Now I'm down with a cold, bad cough and some bad headaches. I think I caught it from my sisters (who have been since for a week or so). Sick again...on the other hand, my cat Simba seem to be feeling better. She's eating, drinking and pooping :P. She was sick and now she's not. Yay!!

I have pictures but I am too dizzy to upload any...and beach post. *sigh* I want to puke and sleep =_='.

* A dime for a song : No boundries - Adam Lambert*


LiLu said...

I haven't uploaded pictures in about five months. At this point, there's so many, I probably never will... sigh.

a!k0 said...

you know i feel the same, i have tons of things to write which i do in my head but i never really get to it...sometimes writing in your head feels easier :P