Friday, August 7, 2009

Starting my ritual

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Every year, around this time of month, I would start my ritual. It is a very tiring ritual, a lot of reading and comparing notes. A lot of 'ohhh' and 'askdhouahfvdo' (that's me swearing), and a lot of "bla bla bla" (that's me talking) about...FOOTBALL. :D Yes it is that time of year when the Barclays Premier League starts and me, as an avid football-supporter-viewer, keep up-to-date with the current transfer/move/changes of my favorite club, Arsenal. :D Of course other people would think that it is boring (truthfully it is if you don't have a fuckin' clue what I'm talking about) and some people would think, 'Well she's watching it because of the (cute) players' (and you are partially right, but hey, that's like a bonus. :D Fun isn't it?).

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Ok what I do before the season starts:

1. List out all the players that are in the team. Since we all know (I'm sure you know) that players come and go, and updating is a must. Beside, it will make it easier to hold a conversation with my uncles and cousins and I can tell them "you are wrong" straight to their faces :P. This of course needs me to have a full knowledge of who is staying, who is leaving, who is gone.

2. Reminisce on all the glory of last year, e.g who scored what, who scored when, who was out for how long, who will regret leaving, the-good-the-bad-the-very-bad, etc etc. Of course this will have to be done with an avid supporter too. (Yes I like displaying my well-round knowledge of football to my male friends, I need some respect.)

3. Back-up support other clubs that is not Manchester United or Chelsea. No offence to their fans. (This means Liverpool - and maybe other clubs, such as Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City - when they are not playing against Arsenal of course). This is done, well I could say I like the team as equal but it's because of Fernando Torres :P. I think hes cool. Yes shut up you lucky Liverpool supporters.

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***psst hot isn't he, with those freckles....*dreams****

4. List out all their games, time and dates (since I DO NOT want to miss any, if possible). Of course some of the games aren't even shown live (which sucks since they show all the Man U and Chelsea games). But I'm glad for delayed telecast. Altho I always cheat and check the score before hand on their website (I don't want to waste my time watching a game if they lost :P).

5. Hope they win silverware this year (fingers crossed XD) and checking vids and highlights on Footytube. :D It's my bestfriend during football season.

So that's basically what I do during football season. Yes I know it is kinda boring but football is fun XD. At least to me it is, and I'd watch a game no matter how late it is, even if I fall asleep with the football watching me :P.

Yeah reminds me when CLK was here, and I told him we gotta watch football together (since he can't watch it while he works, time difference thingy) so we did. We watch a fair share of matches, and I remember staying up and watching it with him a couple of times, with my sister and uncle. The other number of time I think I was too tired to even make it to half-time. I told him if anything happens (e.g goals, red cards, anything exciting basically) he should wake me up. But of course he didn't wake me up cause nothing happened. :P But those we fun times, I'd do it again. Even tho I am only there to fall asleep XD. Good times. <3>

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