Sunday, August 16, 2009


It is just. Fucking. EPIC. Can you believe it?? Arsenal (on its first game of the season) won 6 - 1 vs Everton. Epic I tell ya. I am happy. *roll on my back and wants my tummy rub, like a kitty cat* (Cheshire smile **___________________________________** )

Our 5 goal scorers from last night are (yes 5, Fabregas scored twice ^^):

First goal was from Denilson, was an awesome goal, didn't think it would go in :D.

Second goal was from their new defender, Thomas Vermaelen, awesome header,

third goal was also from the defender, William Gallas, who is known to head home goals on occasions.

Fourth and fifth goal was from (the very cute and awesome) captain Cesc Fabregas. :D

Their last and also important goal was from Eduardo, who was out for 1 year last season from a broken leg, it was a cute goal but it was a goal that counts. :D Epic I say.

Altho the other team manage to score 1 goal (from Saha) it was an epic game anyway. Happy. :D Read the story here, and the video here.

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