Monday, August 17, 2009


I. Am. Fuckin'. Awesome.


I couldn't believe myself.

There is a story behind this (promise) but I am too tired and sickly to tell you now, but I am.
Pretty. Awesome. :D

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ UPDATE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ok, I said I was awesome, so I am. :P I need to indulge in self-vanity once in awhile. So anyway, it has something to do with yesterday (Monday evening, in case yesterday is confusing). :D I was pretty pissed off cause the lightning struck our router so that means no internet, and no YoVille :P. Ahahah...I think I am hooked on that
game =_='''. So anyway, after a frustrating hour of trying to connect but then I realize there was no connection, I went on playing my Farm Frenzy 2!! I love that game :P.

So, I walked out of the office late (like by 5 minutes) and I was frantically trying to think where I parked the car. (Yeah sometimes I am so paranoid that my car is missing :P, I hope that never happens) and I saw there was this orange-ish car that double parked me. Actually that asshole blocked my car! I was like what. The. Hell? How
am I going to get out? Ok, first I thought, if he is double parking that means he is close or/and somewhere near right? (That's what CLK thought). I thought so too. After starting up the car to give that asshole a signal that I AM ABOUT to leave, I waited for about 5-10 minutes for that person to get a clue. Unfortunately, the so called asshole wasn't anywhere near his car. Nor was he 50 feet from his car. I was like. What. The. Fuck! Like seriously, I had to go home and get change and go to my jazz orchestra rehearsal.

I was sitting there thinking I have to have a second plan to get out of this parking space in case the dude would not be around to move his fucking car. So then, I got and idea. I. am. Awesome. Fortunately the parking space next to mine was empty (thank God!!) and I was thinking,

'Hmmm, this car is small enough to do 3-points turning to actually use the empty lot to actually squeeze out of the parking lot.' This might work! Brilliant idea I say.

So I don't know if there was anyone around to watch my spectacular escapade or be amazed at what I did (cause they should because I rocked!) but I know there was this one lady and her son in a car just a few feet from mine. And I bet she saw the whole thing. How I manage to squeeze out of the parking space by doing the logical thing I can think of. I thought I saw the boy point at me and telling his mom something. I wasn't paying attention cause I was hoping I wouldn't scratch the fucker's car (wish I did, serves him right).

I manage to get out after reversing-forward-reverse-shit.I hope I don't hit his car.-reversing-forward and I got out. Aren't I amazing?? I. Totally. Am. Yesserie. :D

Too bad I didn't have anyone take a video of my escapade :P


Akira said...

hahaa.. i ever did that and bragged about my awesomeness for a week! Yeah you should have scratched that fucker's car. serves him right.

LOL.. I can't believe i can't stop laughing...

a!k0 said...

AHAHAHa... like first I thought
"damn i dont wanna scratch this fuckers car"

but after that i thought

"damn i shouldve just scratch that fuckers car" ahahaha serves him right

i mean there were other empty parking lot to park like you have to park behind a parked car? make sense? no i dont see a sense to make...

at first i didnt think i could make it out...but im awesome. DUDE we're AWESOME!!! thankfully the car is small and can fit spaces :P

Akira said...

U should have scratch it with your keys or something. An Idiot deserves that much.
Yeah.. the spread the awesomeness..

lamak we didn't actively comment each other's blog ho...

bigfatwitch said...

holy crow woman, you rock! That's just so effin' awesome and that guy is such a douche bag. Should've keyed his car with the word "ASSHOLE" or something

a!k0 said...

Al: yeah man lamak sik bercomment2 tok :P
yeah i know i shouldve just key-scratched the fuckers car, and it was an ugly orange too...

J: :P I know we just ooooooze awesomeness....shouldve just backed into his car and said oops i didnt you you parking behind my car... >:D corey said the same thing...shouldve just scratched it...but i wanted to get home bad and fast :P