Sunday, August 2, 2009

Arsenal won the Emirates Cup

Jack Wilshere, Arsenal 17-years old protégé, who scored twice vs Ranger Sunday night

It's a good consolation of a silverware-less 2008/2009 season (of which the lost the Emirates Cup), and a recovering and bright journey of a new season of football, aka soccer. :D I am happy. Altho they have lost 2 of their famous African duo to a move to Manchester City (following Teves move to City, yes...>:D), Emmanuel Adebayor and Kolo Toure, Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger is pretty hyped up about the upcoming season which starts soon. So am I.

Altho the infamous Adebayor won't be in the starting XI but the team isn't worried. They have Thomas Rosicky who will definitely be playing after 18 months hiatus. I am so waiting to watch him play along side Fabregas and Eduardo. He was greatly missed last season. :D Upon watching his play, as a preview for this season, his moves are almost identical to Fabregas. :D That can be a good thing. Altho Arsenal are equip with world class players, I noticed that they are small stature, compared to other players, but they move quick. :D Oh, I am so happy football season starts soon!!! XD Can't contain myself!!!

Altho I just read in today's newspaper that Samir Nasri has a broken leg, which sucks. I was looking forward to watch Nasri, Fabregas, Rosicky and Eduardo become the new Fab4 after Flamini, and Hleb left the club last season. But I am sure they will be one of the top contenders for the Cup and Champions League. :D

Last night they beat Ranger to lift the Emirates Cup, and I am hoping that they will lift more cups in the coming months. I am pretty sure this is going to be a great season since a lot of changes have come upon the Premier League clubs, only time will tell. I'm excited!

The video of last night's game here (altho it's in Spanish - I think).


LiLu said...

B played soccer for years and puts it on all the time. Unless there's some headbutting involved, I just can't do it. :-)

a!k0 said...

LOL wow, i wouldnt guessed that B plays soccer, its not very popular on that side of the globe ;) altho i had thoroughly convince CLK to love it :D even tho he doesnt understand anything, he seems to enjoy it :D

headbutting is a rarity but it happens :P there was one dude that broke his ankle and you can actually see the thing snap, *shudder* almost puke for a moment there :D

hey maybe we can watch a game together XD