Thursday, November 18, 2010

When you hang out with my family on holidays you'd definitely gain 10lbs :P

Warning: Picture overload XD

But...that's good so I can make you drools...over food that is. :D So before I get too lazy and forgot to post these awesome food pictures I am going to blog. Even at 153am in the morning =___=''. See how much love I have for you guys? :P And my freakin' Farmville pumpkin isn't ready for harvest yet...LOL.

So yesterday (Wednesday) was a holiday! YAY!! Which mean more food and fun and family. Triple F. The unfortunate thing is that I had to wake up very early to prepare food...which kinda sucks. It was such a lovely day to be asleep in bed. :)

Ok I will show you pictures now. CLK is distracting me XD.

Food: chicken curry, beef and rice squares 'ketupat'

Penang laksa: I love my greens!

with coffee (of course!)

'lemang' - its kinda like sticky rice (?)

My cousin and my dad at it with style :D

moi - before getting ready :P

did my cousin's hair :D

My uncle and I XD I love his camera!

People nomm nomming food...

This is what I end up wearing, minus the hat...I had a simple chignon with 2 red ribbons :)

I also had some delicious cheesecake courtesy of my cousin ^__^

Then we went to Young Su's Korean ice-cream place :D before it closed...


Of course my cousin wanted something salty to end the night =___='' LOL I had my BBQ McShaker fries...delish!!

My cousin had hers with black pepper... ;)

We had a great time...even tho we didn't go anywhere but eat all day long XD. My cousin is going to Cambodia on Saturday and I will be very sad and can't wait for her to come back with presents...LOL. 

The end.

p.s. I started this post at 153am and ended up posting it 12 hours later...LOL 

p.s.s. And you might be wondering why it said 9something something-pm on the post because I don't know how to change the time thingy =___='' and I am lazy to figure it out XD


Lee Oliveira said...

I love your hat.. i must have one too

a!k0 said...

Thank you :) I love it too! OMGosh you know how long it took me to find a hat that fits!? I have a pretty big head...I think I am going to get more XD

Straylights said...

OMG I'm stuffed just looking at all your pictures of food!

and LOL at your pile of shaker fries...again :D

a!k0 said...

@Straylights: LOL yeah I am highly addicted =___= I really did try to stay away but I just don't have the will to XD

OH I was stuffed o_O I think I gained like a lot of weight that But the food was good tho :)

Ayu~Emma said...

Ah~cheese cake..I want!! white fave..guess what? I'm having it rite nw..LOL. A big mug!! x) Er, jst cz of I didn't take any for da past 2

Btw, u were rocking on dat day!! While I was jst wearing a pair of tracksuits and a tee..LOL. My mom didn't approve my attire dat day cz she was d only one who wore bj kurung xP

Late nite snacks!! BBQ Mcshaker w fries!!