Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Movie Date: RED (Retired Extremely Dangerous)

It's been awhile since I have done movie posts. It's not that I have not watch any movies, it is actually the opposite, and I get kinda lazy writing about movies that was out 2 years or so ago :P. But I will try to do more...I guess no one really read this, but it is for my own pleasure and update :P.

On Sundays I usually make my way to the Sunday market with my mom. Ever since CLK told me about the movie RED, I wanted to watch it and I knew it came out last month. I checked one of the local cinema and they don't show it anymore so I turn to my friend for some help. :) We usually go to watch movies on Wednesday because it is cheaper than any other day, second cheapest would have to be Tuesday (ladies night - where ladies get to watch movies for MYR6). And Wednesday it is only MYR5!! (That is about $1.62USD) Cool eh??

So my movie buddy said there were 2 shows showing RED, one on 245pm and the other is 745pm and I was like LETS WATCH!! :D I have seen the trailer and it was pretty interesting and funny and I was hoping the movie is somewhat good and entertaining. And it was!!

It wasn't the best movie I have seen this year (I still think Inception was the best movie I have seen this year) but it was fun, it was hilarious, entertaining and funny, with action. :D Who doesn't love it??! I did :D. Bruce Willis would have to be one of those actors that I love to watch and I think is handsome (even tho he is old but still I think he's hot :P). He's one of those men that age gracefully :). One of the funny thing in the movie was when Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) spoke in 'Chinese'. My friend is Chinese and he laughed. When I asked him what did he say, he said, "It doesn't mean anything, that doesn't even make sense." LOL. Was funny, they could've at least said pigs can fly or something XD.

From imdb.com, there are a few goofs from the movies, that I didn't know!! I should've read that first before watching the movie, now I gotta watch it again!! XD One of the goofs are:

  • Revealing mistakes: When Frank gets up at 6am and walks downstairs to take his pills, his watch says 6.05am, but the kitchen clock on the wall behind him says 7.05am.
  • Errors made by characters (possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): What Frank actually says in Russian is "I'd be hurt by you" instead of the intended "You'd do me a favor".

There are a whole lot more, if you want to read it. I like the movie, it is hilarious :). My kinda movie, not too tense and crazy. I was watching the trailer for Unstoppable (with Chris Pine) and I soooo want to watch that now! I told my friend ... Wednesday!!!

First time I step foot here after the renovation, it's ok nothing special :P

Yahoo! critics gave this movie a B-, but I tell you it was worth the MYR8 we spent and 2 hours watching it. :D I like it, and I can watch it again!!

"Remaindered to a sleepy Cleveland suburb where every house looks like the next, black-ops retiree Frank Moses (Willis) is stuck in a dull, lonely life. He regularly tears up his Social Security checks so as to have an excuse for re-engaging his ongoing conversation with Sarah (Parker), a tart-tongued customer service staffer located in Kansas City. Then, one night, as Frank's neighborhood slumbers, a cadre of silhouettes march slowly across his snowy street, their automatic weapons spewing gunfire against a backdrop of yards populated by brightly lit plastic Santas and snowmen. It's a grabby shot, suggestive of an alien touchdown in Smalltown, USA. And it propels our exile back into the kind of action he lives and breathes...."  From MSN movie critics, read more here.

After the movies we went to McDonald's because I wanted to eat the limited time offer on spicy chicken mcDeluxe black pepper burger. I am crazy about peppers, black or white and I gotta try this one out!!!

A fiery combo, but not so "fiery" the original ones are a lot fiery in my opinion.

My shaker fries (left), even the shaker was spicy and sprinkled with black pepper (the specks!) awesome!


Jason said...

Wow..I've never seen a black-pepper burger at McDonald's before. Looks good!

a!k0 said...

It was good but could be hotter :D spicier, more fire!! Woohoo, you know they come up with weird ones over where I am, especially on Chinese New Year, they have their infamous prosperity burger, that's loaded with black pepper!! I should take some pics and upload it when the time comes :D

Straylights said...

That's a lovely mountain of fries you had there! Looks great but I am not a fan of spicy things yuck! :P

I love Bruce Willis. I'm glad he is embracing his baldness and just keeping it all shaved down HOT!

a!k0 said...

@Straylights: LOL I love my fries...>:D oh that left side is my fave...looks intimidating but actually real good! Well if you dont like spicy stuff...more for me!!! XD

Yeah I think he looks wayyy better bald :p If a man looks hot and sexy bald you know he is TRULY hot and sexy :P