Monday, November 15, 2010

My First Car Ride :)

This was my very first car ride and I am pretty sure this wont be my last. :D

It was a really nice drive, since I get to snuggle and loved, and I can even see all the moving trees as my human the car drove by. I love being loved and snuggled. I love my first car ride. ;)

Last Sunday, I took my kitten (I named her Kitt the kitty kat) to pick my sister up from her extra class. I left him in the car for awhile and he actually climbed out of it. Before I drove off, he came back and jumped in. I was scared he was gonna go all crazy in the car because all of my cats (previous ones and the ones I have now) hates car rides with a passion. They would kinda meow loudly and go crazy like that. So I was surprised that Kitt stay put on my lap and purred all the way home. :) He's so adorable. And after losing Hero (my other cat) he's like a comfort blanket. :) He loves getting behind his ears scratched and loves the attention. :D I am definitely gonna let him go with me to my grandma's so he'll get use to car rides. :D


Ayu~Emma said...

Kyaaa~so cute ^^
Kitt the Kitty Kat loves to ride a car x)

a!k0 said...

LOL he does...can you believe i am still not sure if its a he or she? LOL

ARES said...

Awww too cute!!

KittyBonkers said...


And sorry I haven't commented in so long I am a lazy blogger person D: <3
Thank you for all the comments you put on my blog!! You always make me smile! I hope you buy some pink lipsticks, maybe I could send you some MUA lipsticks!!
I will be more active in blogging again now :D

Kitty xoxox

Marie said...

What a cute and sweet way to bond with your cat!:D

***** Marie *****

Marie said...

Btw, thanks for stopping by my blog, I am your newest follower!:D

***** Marie *****

Straylights said...

Awww Kitt is adorable! My cats are the same way, they hate being in the car. Of course they could also just hate the fact that whenever they are in the car, they are in the kitty crate, and know they are going to the vet :P Silly cats!

a!k0 said...

@Ares: I know..he has this really big cat eyes that's just too cute to resist.

@KittyBonkers: Kitty! ^__^ Why thank you. It has been awhile ;) Aww don't worry I know how bust it gets, thanks for stopping by and I am glad I make you smile :D Oh that would make me jump in glee ;)

@Marie: Thank you!

@Straylights: LOL isn't that the main reason why they are in the car, and in the kitty crate in the first place? lol..This is the first, I am gonna try to bring him again. He's only had one experience going to the vet and I hope she thinks it was wonderful! :P