Friday, November 26, 2010

It's like feeding frenzy!!

Have you ever played Feeding Frenzy?? That fish game you play on your computer? This one.

It is a really fun game. :D I remember playing it with my friend's then 7 year old son (now he is 10 or so) and we had tons of fun. :) No this is not about playing a fish game :P so don't worry.

Lately I can say, my friends (I have a lot of friends) have been getting married, and getting engaged and getting pregnant. :) And I have never been happier for them :D. Some have been dating since college and then getting hitched, of course I am ecstatic. :D So lately a whole lot of those friend have been getting present from the stork ^^. It's just like feeding frenzy, more like stork frenzy! :D Those lil bundle of joy are so cute and I am kinda bummed that I have yet to meet any of them.

I have a few more friends that are getting married this December (more weddings!!) and a few coming January babies. I can't wait! ^^,

Here are some pictures I stole took from their parent's respective Facebook album (with permission of course ) ^^, :

This is Azim. Cute isn't he??

His mom and I were friends. She is a year older but we had a lot of mutual friends :).

Syafinaz Afdzal

This little cutie pie is Syafinaz Afdzal. :) Her daddy and I were classmates and are friends till now. :) She is just adorable and have the cutest little smile.

Marissa Aqueela Darleen Ahamed Fayeez

Marissa's daddy and I were classmates too, and we continue to study at the same place but different courses. Really didn't think he would get married so soon and to have this lil princess in his just gets better. :)

This lil guy was born in August 2010. I forgot his name though. His mommy and I use to do group works together and we enjoyed each other's company. :) She was a quiet and shy person and I am not so quiet and it all works out. :D I have not seen her in years and just recently got in touch with her and she showed me the picture of this cutie patotie! :D

Edhrie Hasshiem

This little fella is the only baby I have met and held in person. He was born on the 14th of October. :) He was such a sweetheart, sleeping the whole time. His mommy and I play in the orchestra together and I am sure he will be a great musician someday. :D

Three times the fun!

Shahrul Nadzri is the lil baby in the picture with his older sister and brother. :) He is one lucky baby to have such fun, loving, parents and siblings. :) My friend Ema, just gave birth to lil baby Shahrul on October 23rd. We've known each other for about 12 years :) and I get to see the little ones grow up. I went to her wedding, and see these kids grow up...and of course she keep nagging me about getting on the band wagon :P. We use to spend our times together before she settled down; drinking at the waterfront, just hanging out with friends, window shopping and everything. I kinda miss everything about it but I am happy for her. We do go out but not so much, she just gave birth to this beautiful baby boy. (I have to go and see her before he gets too big!)

Muhamad Thalif Umair

This is my birthday twin baby boy. He was born on November 8th. :D His mommy and I share the same birthday and when we were studying, we would celebrate together, either sharing parties, hosting it, or celebrating it or getting soaked and pranked on. It was fun to share something special with someone, and you can never forget their birthday! I hope one day I get to meet this handsome boy.

Now this is the latest edition of the baby boom :). The proud parents have not posted an album for this lil guy so I do not know his name. (I am sure they had a boy :P) Welcome to the world baby!!!

Pheww~~ There are more pictures, I just can't find them right now. :) Looking at the baby pictures on Facebook albums, I get so excited, what will my baby look like? You know that kind of thing. :) Someday we will find out. :P I love these baby pictures. I hope I get to meet them one day, I need a vacation so I can go and spoil these little cutie pies.


Higgenbottom said...

all these babies are so cute! you are so sweet to be so excited over all your friends babies

a!k0 said...

They are aren't they? It's like these people you grew up emotionally with and physically with have lil versions of themselves now. It's very exciting :)

microprocessor said...

i still cant believe i have my own baby girl. just imagine, few years ago wake up in the morning rushing to the class. now, wake up in the morning, everyday see syafinaz smile and laugh before go to the office.

(wait for my letter, I'm going to ask for the royalty) :P hahahahaha

keep in touch.

a!k0 said...

LOL afdzal! XD I love your daughter! I haven't even met her and I rave about her to everyone! I even told my bf XD she's so adorable!! Send me a letter with her pics please? ;) I know right seems like yesterday we were hanging out :D I miss you guys!