Wednesday, November 12, 2008

...Happy Birthday Daddy!...

Happy birthday Daddy!!! Today is DADDY'S birthday..and yesterday was MUMMY'S birthday. But too bad mum is not here she is in Sabah. And UPSR result came out today, my brother (who I swear didn't study all that much) got 5A's. 5A's I tell ya!! And of course I shouldn't complain cause I didn't even take that exam *muahahaha*

Anyway my dad is 50 today, yup the BIG 5-0. And I can't believe he is 50 already. Someone told me to write 'OLD' on the birthday cake cause 50 is "over the hills". I think OLD should stand for "O-ways Love Daddy" *grins* see it is still 'OLD'...hehe.
Tonight I have to go to RUMAH SARAWAK for my orchestra rehearsal. There is this show in December, the 6th (if I am not mistaken) that we all are playing (hopefully) that involves a pianist from SINGAPORE. I am not so sure on how many songs we are performing or how long, or how much we are paid (hehehe....that's the magic word: PAID) but it's something that I love to do. Play music = get paid *evil laugh* . And of course I love the music too, and the people..most of all the music. (Really, the payment is a bonus.)

ciao ~~


THREE said...

that's amazing. ur mom n ur dad, born 1 day apart (date-wise). sharing the same sign. gratz to ur bro. (see already u've put up more posts than I did in few days time! don't stop writing, gal)

a!k0 said... isnt it? well i think its just rubbish-spur-of-the-moment things...but i get better muse on myspace..surprisingly! and i even got readers there...XD

yeah my mom and dad...and you know what, mine and his birthday is also a day apart...coincidence?? :P

well you should write more...ill read :D

Akira said...

Coincidence.. hahaha!! Tell your dad I said Happy B'day! My mom's around the corner too. Pandei juak sidak atok planning ho.. hahahah .JK

THREE said...

urs n 'his' also 1 day apart... u call it coincidence... i call it a sign from above :D

of course the word i'd like to use is "omen"... but in ur case it's a good thing, so yea a heavenly 'sign' :D

a!k0 said...

'Omen'? ahaha, lets hope not XD heavenly sign? hmm lets hope so! yeah we were like "really?" cause we both thought it was a coincidence...but i suppose its pretty fun and well i dont think well forget each others birthday :D