Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Another victory...

It was a match to be remembered...not that you can forget anything when it comes to FOOTBALL. Arsenal just had their 4th round tie against a very good Wigan Athletic side. Arsene Wenger, as always manage to select his very special team (an average age of 19) to face the Premier League side. 19 I tell ya! And their youngest (I reckon) is this kid named Jack Wilshere who is only 16 of age...and he is pretty darn good as fast as hell. They dubbed this bunch of youngster the 'Carling Cup kids'. I get the joy of watching them...altho I didn't watch the game last was a sad, sad night for me. ~image taken from arsenal website~

They had a comfy 3 goals to nil last night, and are in the top 8. Let's hope they did better than last season (which was rather a disappointment, since they were doing so good at the end of December until Eduardo broke his was their ultimate downfall) but overall I think they had a pretty good season. They lost players but I think they gained more, in terms of their younger about their first team as being the 'young guns' their second team is dubbed the 'younger guns'. Everyone was playing great football last night and I missed it *sobb sobb*
but I will catch the repeat of the match on StarSports or ESPN by whatever means possible...If you're interested to watch the highlights, of any of the football matches click here.

This morning as I was driving to work and was caught is a drizzle, I was switching from one radio station to the other.. sometimes I think that they play the same song, over and over and over again it's kinda boring. So I had to stop at the traffic light and suddenly this one really old song by White Town - Your woman came on. I was like OMG!
How many radio station play that song in the morning, even at all!! I so heart that radio station. At least it made my morning, it was cold, wet and good...I even made a tuna-cheese sandwich. *grins* I have to get a move on, I need to do more work for tomorrow...arrrrggghhhh and I should really get to bed since I need to get up early and get breakfast started cause my mum is in KK...mummy come home soon. And we will celebrate your birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY!! And it's also good when you can get someone to wake you up at 530 in the morning *grins* life is always good...<3



Jules said...

won't comment on the football match coz i know diddly squat about it XD

i haven't heard "Your Woman" in forever. I was so into it when Rick D's was first introduced to HitzFM. They kept playing that song. Good song, eh? XD

Don't let work get you down!


Akira said...

Omg! Your Woman is so classic. Muahaha!!! 1997 is a good year.

That's nice. Someone wakes u up everyday huh. Heheh.. MIRMO i bet.

a!k0 said...

~~jules - LOL, yeah today one student of mine was so grim cause Chelsea lost last night, like i give a hoot they lost :P YOSH!! gotta keep you head up even at work XD

~~al - yeah man 1997 - was it? wow that long already, i heard it and like OMG! independent! LOL, and yeah MirMo...he's my alarm clock :P