Sunday, November 23, 2008

A little sleepy...

It's freakin' 341am and I am doing office works =.=''' Yes office work has been creeping up with me, it's ALL over the place, on the floor *groan*, on the table *double groan*, on the that's just Kimi (he's my very lovable, formally flushed stuffed dog - bought at WATSON a few years back and has become my one companion). :D Ask everyone who has share space with me they know how much Kimi means to me. (: Some of you may say ... 'Hey, Kimi sounds familliar' *scratch invisible beard* and YES I admit, I have a fascination for KIMI RAIKKONEN, the Formula 1 Ferrari driver. For you people who have no freakin' clue who Kimi is, here is a picture:

Isn't Kimi GORGEOUS?? Of course my "Kimi" is not this gorgeous, but they have one thing in common...light blue :D Of course they can't compare to Kimi's eyes *drools*.

And of course my bed is littered with stuffed animals, and lil beanie babies (not that I am complaining or anything) just saying that it's littered. >:) I love em no matter what! And of course pillows. :D Gotta have our pillows don't we?

Anyhow, writing, writing, writing,...sleepy, sleepy, sleepy......*yawn*. I think I should just call it a night. ;) Oh, updates on what I've been up to (like anyone care >.<). I bought this NICE heels (at least I think they are anyway) last week, like I should stop doing impulse shopping, and a maxi dress in dark brown...gotta update on that later, and a nice hooded black sweater. (: *AL I still need to update on that nice dress you MMS me....hehehe, I'm just crazy! XD* That's just what I can see anyway, and paid a bunch of people that I owe too *sigh*. Now all I need is some people to hang out with with me to watch MADAGASCAR 2 - yes everyone who have watched it already - BOO HOO!! I haven't watch it yet, so I wanna go...even tho it will be filled with kids (like the time I watched Madagascar with my friend, I think we were the only 2 who was not with kids or kids ourself ^_^ fun!).

Oh was thinking of looking for some nice looking shorts...any ideas?? Not too short cause I don't want to display my ASS altho if it was a great looking ass I wouldn't mind showing >:) ahahahaha....oh me oh my! :P Ok, sleepy....will write later...zzZZzzZzzzZZzz.......

currently listening to:
All Saints - Never ever (like how long ago is that?!?!)
Boyzone classics :P
Simple Plan - Save you
Britney Spears - Womanizer (this song is kinda catchy...been listening to it like for a few days now)

Ciao ~~

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