Thursday, November 13, 2008

Walking down memory lane...with music

Another Friday, another weekend...another football match *yay*. But Fridays come and go too soon. This week has been a good one, in terms of classes, work, and more work (well that isn't always good...but it was pretty breezy this week). And music wise I have been listening to songs that I was listening when I was in high school, and some good 'remember-the-days-songs'...I mean those were the good old days, good music, good friends, good fun (:

Songs I've been listening:

1. White Town - Your woman
2. Arkana - So little time
3. Michael Jackson - You are not alone (hahaha, this song is good...really)
4. Elvis - Love me tender
5. All American Reject - Swing swing
6. Weezer (a bunch of songs)
7. The soundtrack of The Sound of Music
8. Reliant K - random songs from my music folder

9. Nickleback - Saving me
10. Everclear - lots of Everclear (:
11. Richard Marx - Right here waiting
12. Third Eye Blind - Semi charmed life (my all time FAVE)
13. Ultra - Say it once

It's been those days when you go, 'hey, I know this song' or 'Wow been a while since I listen to this'. Especially Ultra. I only know like 2 songs by them, and none other was that good :P My cousin, and I was so hooked on Your woman. Those were the days *dreamy eyes*
and we have a lot of those good days. (:

Yesterday I got a text from a good friend of mine. She's getting engaged! *shriek* I mean it's all so sudden, and well I was more surprised, but happy :D Another friend of mine is getting married on the 22nd and one on the 29th. Seems like everyone is getting married eh? I wish them the best of luck with their significant other (: always happy for people who are taking the leap of faith :D


Someone said I was playing favorites with my kitties, but I can't help it. Don't you just fall in love with a picture like this?

Isn't my Oreo CUTE? There are NO words to describe her...she even meowed and look at you when you talk to her..*sigh* cats are just ADORABLE!!!

ciao (for now) ~~


THREE said...

omg YOUR WOMAN that song is just... what's the word again? "Groovy" baby...

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a!k0 said...

hmmm, yeah that what i was looking for...ok ill see what i can do sista :D

and yes ...the song is very "groovy baby"

Akira said...

Aaa~~ Your OREO is damn adorable~
(hugs and kisses for OREO)

OMG.. hahaha!! Your Woman... (YouTube-ing the video now..)
hahaha.. S*it~ Those were the days...

a!k0 said...

ahaha...i have it linked in the previous post...i think...its stuck in my head ya know

Jules said...

OMG Ultra! "Say it once, say it twice, just say it any way you like it~" that song is totally playing in my head right now lol!

Oreo is TEH CUTE! I just wanna squeeze it XD