Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas...and a Happy New Year...

*confetti in the air*'s Christmas already!!! (OMG!!! It's Christmas already!!!?!?) And it has been a year (seems like really yesterday) that it was Christmas. Ok it has been a year already, but do you feel like it was only yesterday? Yes...that's how I feel O.o And I love my panda face ------> 0.O Ahahaha (:

Ok, I have been doing a lot of useful (and not so useful :P stuff) lately. Like for Christmas I manage to baked cookies for my friend (tart and this other cookie we call Mama Carrie ^_^...) yummy I must say.

This is the mama carrie that I made...It looks pale but it is really good... :D

Tada.... This is my tart (pineapple tart) me and my sister baked. ^_^ I can say I'm very proud of myself...and well since it is Christmas, I know people have ginger bread man cookies, and I decided to make one tart man cookie :P ahahaha. See, he is adorable and yummy indeed. ^_^

Ahahaha...ok my sister says his eyes are buldging too much and it looks like a star, but sooo? It's my cookie :D. And it got burned a lil...ahaha. My sister and I made chicken pie with the left over dough. I didn't want to make too many tarts so we made chicken pie!!! It was yummy and everyone wanted it. We finished baking at 1230am!! I know crazy, then I got a bad backache in the morning. This is the chicken pie my sister made. :D


Ok, on the other note, my dad brought us out for dinner..hmm, a few nights ago. And we went to Top Spot. It a place where people sell food. Well duh! :P Ok I'm not very good at describing things...OMG!!! I use to be a pro. Ok, it's a place where there are stalls where people sell food, and there are place where you sit, order and enjoy your food...............yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... ^_^. I have some pictures I will upload...the internet is giving me a f****ng bad time. So it's really, really pissing me at the moment. :( Oh, and I manage to take a picture of this guy (ok CLK says he looks Australian but I dunno the difference :P. Ok maybe I do, but who cares. ;) And the more I try to take a pic of him the more it turn out to be bad. Hehehe...I know I can't think of anything better to do while eating. ^_^

Ok, the guy on the right of the picture (the one in blue, the Australian looking dude :P)

This was the oyster thingy we ate...I don't really know the name of the dish. They say it's egg...thingy. :D But it was good. And it is a lil salty tho, it comes with a soy sauce based dip (that was salty >.<).
This (of course) is the mixed veggie!!! I love mixed veggie. ^_^

This dish is a fish dish cooked sweet and sour style. I don't know what's the fish name is in English, but it is called 'bawal itam' in Malay. :D

And this one is my brother's favorite. It is sea cucumber soup. It has a different taste everytime I go there and eat. Sometimes it's sour, but it is yummy tho. :D

This are some of the dishes we ordered (ok my brother ordered them cause he knows them by
heart). It was good, maybe we go there a lot so it is not "WOW" :P but it's good enough for me. :D


Another thing that I did before Christmas week was driving (not me, my uncle drove ^_~) to
Serikin. :D It is the border of Sarawak and Indonesia. And we went shopping!!! Bought a lot of stuff, but not anything ORIGINAL, mind you. But who cares, it is still CHEAP!!! Some of the thins I bought were:

1. Knee length spotted black dress. This dress I found when I was on my way back to the car. And I am so glad I found it. And it was in the rain, this one is a new one that old guy got me. It is soft and black (with white spots). It is cute. ^_^ I bought it for RM28.

2. Black pashmina. I have been looking for a black shawl/pashmina and I found this for RM11. It is soft and black (duh! :P) And I am happy. :D

3. Black kebaya with pretty peacock design ^_^. I so freakin' love this kebaya!! Ok, it is not a kebaya yet but I will make it into a kebaya! And there is always one stall that sell this design! And this one the LAST ONE that was sold. I am so glad that I found it. The original color I wanted was of a RED peacock but the one I found was PINK but it's ok. :) It was still worth it. The tapih* isn't the one that comes originally with the top. I had to change it cause the original one was BRIGHT PINK. The red one I saw was blackish-with red color. :( I wanted that one, but I suppose I should be satisfied with this one.

But I am happy cause I LOVE the design on it. ^_^ is bee-oootiful!!! So all in all, I spent too much of stuff the past 2 months. *sigh* I'm not regretting anything tho. ;)


*tapih - it's a local word :P

>.< I don't know why the fonts keep changing in the blog...I must have done something to it...but I am so lazy to change it.... :P


bigfatwitch said...

waaa all the food looks yummy! Woman, make me a batch of Mama Carrie! And some of those tarts too while you're at it XD looking forward to your trip here? Can't wait!

THREE said...

ceh sempat nya ambik gamba org background, omputih gik ya... hehe

oi best gilak nang berkaul ktkorg makan owh! Topspot nang hebat. nice pics, mcm ad jln2 cari makan or some reality tv show jak.

if only we had our own show... sigh

a!k0 said...

LOL...yeah like totally...we should go to shops and eat and blog about it :P ahahaha

oh mmg sempat and i had a good view too. CLK says he looks australian...ahaha, mesti nya jeles...whahahaha >:)

oh juliiiii...aww i didnt read this in time..i wouldve make you some....altho youre leaving tomorrow (sunday, 4th jan)

happy new year guys!!