Friday, December 12, 2008


If you have Facebook, then you know that there are millions (literally), millions of applications that comes with it...OMFG! I can't handle it when people sends stuff it takes me forever to go thru them all...sorry (: I don't want to ignore them, so I let them just sit there, collecting dust! :P Ok, maybe not collecting dust but you get the point. Now, I think I have about 3000 invites. And I don't want to ignore cause when they send me them, they have moi on their mind. Thank you friends. :D

There is this particular application, Hatchlings, that I didn't really bother at first. Then it just became mad. MAD I tell ya!! Cause everyone is so crazy about finding these eggs. And the creatures that comes out of it, it's just freakin' ADORABLE!!! :D Yes now I am addicted to it. And I add people just for that sake!! :D We help each other out so its good. I am satisfied. ;) It is very addictive....I can't get enought of it!!! And we all are looking for special eggs that comes out during holiday seasons.... Facebook is a real bad addiction!!!

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