Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kitty cats

I love Kuching*...and I love my kucing*. They are the love of my days (although the can be very annoying!). Imagine when you give them food, 8 kitties (big, medium, and small ones) keep rubbing themselves on your legs. Very uncomfy but so cute you know ^_^. Yesterday my sister was giving them their dinner and called out to the mama cat, she ran after her...and behind the mama cat was 6 other kitties following the mama cat and my sister. It was the funnies thing ever...and so creepy. :P

I just gotta do a post about kitties!! I think I have a lot more than I can handle (like seriously, but they are so freakin' cute it's hard to resist!!). I'll try to introduce you with my kitty cats :). Just beware of the hypnotizing eyes of the lil 'innocent' kitties. Originally, we only had 1 car, ONE cat. He's my sister's cat. His name is Angelo. He is a (grey) Persian. Then my dad (who all of the sudden became so 'kitty-cat-crazy') bought another kitty, a female one who is a Himalayan-Persian (she has a flatter nose than Angelo) we named Valentine or V for short. They were cute lil cats. UNTIL, they had babies!!! Freakin' cute babies!!!

Mama cat, V, she's so hard to take picture of, she won't stay still

This is Angelo, with lil Oreo

The first litter died, all 6 kittens. It was sad, but thankfully I wasn't around when they were born. Then they had their second litter, 2 cute kitties!! We named them Simba (cause when she was a kitten, yes a SHE, my dad says her head is so big it looked like Simba from The Lion King). But her head is not so big anymore :P. And the other one Ollie (no comment there ^_^).

Napping kitties!!! Ninja style...haiiiiyaaa

See I told you her head is not that big anymore...

Ollie looking at me with his big, round, grey eyes. He wants a tummy rubbb...

Well it doesn't just end there, she decided to have more babies (I suppose part of it is not V's fault). The latest edition to the kitty cats' family are just a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e!! I'll just show you some pictures I took of them.

This is Oreo. She is anti-social and the only dark one in the litter. I think she's anti-social just like Angelo. She is the only one that kinda looks normal with not a puffy fur coat and she also looks like a normal cat.

And these are the other 3 lil tykes. Ain't they just a cute furry furball??!?!?! The one that's being slept on is Boone, he's the furriest and biggest of them all. He reminds me of Ollie when he was a lil baby kitty ^_^, so cute!! And he loves to pick stuff up and carry it away. I think he just hates to share :P. The one on the right (the only white one in the litter) is called Bunny or baby, she answer to both names. She loves to follow you around. She'd just prance on her paws and find a spot to sit. She is kinda lazy. :P And the one looking at the camera is Charlie. He is adorable. And he and Oreo loves to take pictures. See the picture below.

Charlie and Oreo




*Kuching - Capital of Sarawak *Kucing - cat ^_^


THREE said...

I love Oreo... that pic with him by the Philips remote control is just so photogenic, like a Friskies ad or something.

And that pic of Oreo and the white one, sit5ting side by side on the couch...

Wow, girl, how DO you take those shots? Seriously, they could win an award for most Kodak/Sony moments!!

btw, you do know Coco's dead right? (My sister's cat... died few months back 'cause she starved herself out of depression and ended up with renal failure... weird cat)

Daszz said...

Ida!!!!!!...... i love ur cats....... i wanna play w them!!!...... u know what my mum accidentally killed one of my kitten...... the kitten head was in the way of the door closing....... it's still alive, breathing butttt..... tetraplegic now ( paraliysed neck down).... but currently it seems to be improving...... i'm treating blackie like an immoble vegetatve patient..... lets hope for the best

a!k0 said...

S: OMG! Coco died? Aww poor was she even depressed? Coco must overheard you guys wanting to sell her (may she rest in peace).

I seriously don't know how I take the pictures of the cats (I guess they are like me, they love - CAMWHORING!) ehehe. Yeah I should send those pictures if there's a contest, who knows they might win FREE food supply for a year! LOL.

D: Oh no! Poor kittie! Is she (or he) still alive now? You should show me a picture of the kittie. I remember my mom did that to one of my previous kitten. She was sitting by the door and *baam* my mum accidentally slammed the door and squeezed her head between them. She only stayed alive for a few hours. Lets hope Blackie survives.

I didn't know you are a cat lover ^_^. You should see them running...oh so cute and annoying at the same time. Yeah even Corey wanted to catnap them home...too bad it's so hard to bring cats over another country :P. Sure you can play with them...but they are like eels, very slippery. :D

Daszz said...

I love cats sooooo u much.... they r soo cute and cuddly

Blackie is still alive and it seems to be improving coz still can eat and drink milk

Muscle power is better now yesterday was 0/5 ( no muscle contraction) .... today it is 2/0 ( able to move limb but not against gravity)... hu hu hu kesian eh

a!k0 said...

I agree with you!! Corey love cats too...we can be in a club :P ehehehe...

I hope your cat is getting big is it? or should i say least you get to practice with a real patient (even tho its a cat!)

Akira said...

I want your meow. Mou... Urayamashii na.. But I still love Prince Haku. Yes. I gave him a title. He's still the same brat.

Can post one of the new borns to me? Hehehe...

a!k0 said...

Oh its Prince Haku *flutter eyelashes* yeah I like your kitty. He's such a loud meow-er. But funny and loves attention I tell ya...

Gah I wish I could mail, if I could CLK would probably took 2 of them home with him. Such a pity, we would've sent them but it was such a hassle :P. (That word again!)

bigfatwitch said...

OMG so cute! I wanna squish them all~

Yeah, my cats love to wind themselves around my legs every morning when they want to be fed. I can't count the number of times i've nearly tripped over the silly creatures =p

V for Vendetta! I bet Bunny's having an identity crisis. Like, "Eh, am i a cat or a rabbit?" LOL!