Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Blog-a-versary , errmmmm how ever you say it..

Technically, it was sometime this week...but I am a lil slow at updating lately (ha...ever!). But anywho...(my lil cat is sleeping beside me as I typee...awww) yeah, like I said I am freakin' lazy.

My classes this week is like...ughhh. They last till 5, and then traffic. The traffic is really bad where I am. At least when it is peak hour, but then again, where isn't?? Probably somewhere where people don't exceed 100, 000. Maybe in Africa. So I usually stay till closer to 6 o'clock before I make my way back home. Yeah, no traffic but late arrival. I gotta sacrifice something right??

So since this week was my blog first anniversary...I didn't have anything special planned. I mean, I kinda forgot about it till late Thursday. Yep my mom's birthday. Honestly I totally forgot about that too. How bad am I? Mummy I am sorry for forgetting your birthday...but we did make up for it right?? Mom I will get you something you really like! :) Shopping is always a good theraphy...(and will regret when you see the money in your account is getting smaller). Then Friday was my dad's birthday. :) Amazing isn't it?? Their birthdays are just a mere day apart. I suppose it is less than 24 hours. I use to envy them so much but not anymore :D.

Then on the 11th was our 2-months-to-almost-a-year-anniversary. :) Altho I am pretty bum CLK isn't here to celebrate it with me I am shocked how fast a year goes by. It was this time last year, I kept thinking about what would happen to us, except there wasn't an US last year. It was just you and me. Me and you. Me and him. We have gone a long way from being me and you to us. And I am proud of us. :) Us is just a strong word for being just two letters. We have made milestone in the past 10 months, and I can't believe it has been 10 months!! I'm deliriously happy (in the inside) cause I don't have anyone to share my happiness with. And I bet this new year is gonna suck. :( I am hoping next year new year we will spend it together, fingers crossed!

So this week is all about anniversaries and birthdays...and I almost missed it all!! But I didn't :) I am happy to share that I made it happy this week (even tho I had to go to class all day Saturday =_='''). I do have pictures, but they are on my lappie...not here so I will post them maybe tomorrow (hopefully I remember). I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I am off to play Mafia Wars and Farmville on Facebook!!!! :P

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