Thursday, July 21, 2011

Project 365: Sorry I have been away!

Edit: This is the second time I have tried to post this. FML. =___=

Mr Seb and I were saying the other day that this project is a bust but I will keep posting till the end of the year :) I wish I had an iPhone cause it will be easier to do Project 365. :) The past week has been a bit busy, so I am gonna do a week of Project 365 :D. I know no one cares but neither do I. XD These are some pictures, in no order anyway, but I thought I would share.


These are glasses I got while I was on vacation, one from McDonalds and one from our pizza party from Domino's.


This was from my family Father's day and Mother's day celebration while I was away, to my friend's wedding.


Momma Kick, pregnant, sitting comfortably on a couch XD. I have kitty pictures I am saving for later!


Chocolate....yummmmmm ~~


I eat my bananas every week. :D Do you?


Fish chips, local ones :D


One night, my sister and I was watching something on tv, and it was late but we were hungry. So she made me noodles with egg :D.


Although I hate place cake, this one was really good. I didn't share!


A bird's nest I found on the balcony. At first I thought it was a ball of paper but then I realize it was a bird's nest that fell from the roof. :) It was pretty interesting.


My sister's first lasagna. It was ok, need improvement!


My sister told me this cat was handsome, and I saw him peeking through the kitchen window.


I was driving back after taking my brother to school and I saw these trees along the road. The flowers from the trees reminds me of spring in Wisconsin. :) I miss Wisconsin.


Keirasluckycharm said...

Awww the cats are so cute! I love all the pics lady! Specially the food Yummy!!!

Meredith Jessica said...

Awwww, so many cute little kitties in this post!

Skwermy said...

Oh I live in MN and I do not miss MN in the Winter....(or WI for that matter)...but the springs can be a sign that better things are to come after an awful winter

Carrie said...

mmm, I LOVE twix! My favorite chocolate ever.


ELLE said...

i wanna collect those glasses from mcdo. ^_^ followed you btw. :)

a!k0 said...

Hey girls sorry it's been awhile!!

@Keira: oh no maybe I shouldn't post too many food pics for you to oogle ;)

@Meredith: Thank you :)

@Skwermy: lol yes I know what you mean, the winter can be really awful but I love how serene and white everything is, minus the wind and dreadful cold. Although I must admit I love when Spring comes and the flower blooms :D

@Carrie: yay for chocolate!

@Elle: I had 3 but I broke one, was the World cup one sad :D Awww thank you, dropping by your blog missy :D

Marie said...

Fish chips!!!!:D

****** Marie *****