Thursday, January 21, 2010

Traumatic Thursday

*Achoo* Happy *sniff sniff* Thursday everyone. I think I am down with something. *sniff sniff* =_='' CLK said to be positive! I am...but someone told me today I look pale (can it be?) and I am never pale. She said I look sick...huhu~~ Sad. I hope I won't get sick over the weekend. Altho it would be a good excuse to skip every possible thing I have to do! :P Ahahahaha** Ok, has been raining the whole last week. Up to here you see (pointing to my neck) but it has been blazing hot! these past 2 days. It's the whole changing of the weather from hot-cold to cold-hot that has me reeling in pain. Not so much pain...but I have this really itchy and scratchy throat. It usually mean that I will get a bad cough and then a cold then fever. =_=''' FML. There also was a flood warning for my area. Dang flood.

Anywhooo...on with the good news. Arsenal had 2 games within the expand of 3 days...with Bolton Wanderers...and they FREAKIN' WON!! Whooo...hooo. Now they go top of the table (if anyone cares!:P). The won against Bolton 2-0 on Sunday and 4-2 last night!!!! Yay!! So happy! I am trying to get a video so you can feel my excitement. Fabregas, Rosicky, Arshavin all scored!! I don't remember who scored the 4th one...but who cares!! And fyi, Manchester Utd lost against Manchester City!! Go Teves!! >:D

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