Sunday, February 12, 2012

Goodbye to a legend, again: Football update

It's been awhile since I update/post any football news....because my team sucks pretty bad this season. I guess they did win some awesome games and stuff. Some games I saw was just devastating. So beginning of the year Arsene Wenger decided to bring back Theirry Henry for a short stint. Honestly I think the fans (me included) missed him ...a LOT. Taking him back for just those few games really made a difference.

Henry did score a few times and actually won some game with Arsenal. Now, after his final game in Sunderland last Saturday he bid us farewell again. The second time. It is really sad to see a good player like him go, again. Henry I hope you come back to Arsenal. For good this time. We will miss you (again). And thank you. :)

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