Sunday, December 30, 2012

Playlist Friday: Something about the way you look tonight - Elton John

I know technically it is not Friday but I didn't want to miss to post a playlist Friday for the final Friday of the year. I love most of Elton John's song, and this one is one of them. Every time I listen to this song it just reminds me of loved ones and makes me warm inside.

Sometimes this song makes me sad but I truly enjoy it. :) I was listening to it a couple times in the last few days and thought I should share this. :D I am sure you all know this song. 2012 is coming to an end and time just fly by so fast. I have not been a good blogger this year but I will try again next year.

I hope everyone is having a great last weekend of 2012 and may we meet again in 2013! Signing off for now. Be back tomorrow (hopefully :P).

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