Saturday, April 20, 2013

F1 weekend!! - Recap

So I wanted to write a post about the controversial Malaysian GP but then the Chinese GP got in my way. So I decided to just do an update. I am pretty sure no one really care about moto racing or Formula1 but it is exciting, to me at least. usual I don't keep up-to-date with the technology and rules that are ever changing in Formula 1 (I definitely need to hit my friend B with all these info) but the last 3 races I noticed they do not put fuel in the cars like the previous seasons. So...this makes me wonder, are they going green (I doubt it) or do they use a 1 fuel rule, like fueling the car before it races and hopefully the team calculations take the car to the chequered flag. So if you know please bring me to light on this subject matter. XD

So lets go back to the second leg, the Malaysian Grand Prix. It was a weird podium moment because all the 3 winners didn't look happy even though they won. It was a little crazy if you ask me. The funniest thing I heard was they were comparing them to Kimi Raikkonen who if you don't know have a very icy demeanor.

If you follow F1 you know there are those times when drivers are told to halt or give way to their teammate either to help them win or try to get the people behind you to slow down by well being bait. This was one of those cases, well actually 2 cases. Anyway to keep the story short, Vettel disobeyed orders and won the race. I don't blame him. He is the champion and of course he wants to win. I think the teams should just let them race it out. Haha..same story goes for Hamilton and Rosberg but Rosberg listened and I say lost the chance to get third place. To me, its just a race. Some people went crazy over that. So whatever.

The last race was in China. That was quite an interesting race too. There was a few crash and burn, some awesome overtaking and of course my main man, Kimi Raikkonen winning 2nd place. He didn't have that great of a start but he plowed through and won second behind Lewis Hamilton. I think that's the happiest I have seen Fernando Alonso. Nothing major happened and I think Vettel made it to the top 10 (I think he was fourth).


 The Bahrain GP is on this weekend and I can't wait to watch it! I think the race is going to be a little later than the last 3 races. This year I hope to watch all the races and not miss any if I can help it. I want Kimi Raikkonen to win this year. I think it could be an amazing year for him and I am sure we will see a lot more drama when the race develops. I am team #raikkonen all the way~~!

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