Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Let's start this story from the beginning. It is really a short story. A few months ago my sister brought home a little adorable cat, a stray she found in the parking lot. She looks like this.

The first day she got home I fell in love. She was so scared I think because she has been living outside by herself for maybe a month give or take. My sister tried to look for the mama and other siblings but couldn't find them. So I am assuming she was dumped there. She really reminded us of our beloved Jumper (who died about 2 years ago). Everyone loved Jumper, even my parents. That is saying a lot. He was spoiled and sleeps on the couch, on a pillow with a blanket.

So when this little girl came everyone was smitten, even our resident cat (he is spoiled and he knows it). Since our resident cat (who's name is officially James now) was separated with his sister he was lonely. Don't worry his sister found a good home with my brother's friend. He was so happy to find a friend to play with. This happened. Cue photo.

Yes, double trouble. They really became friends on the spot. We were hoping they will get married and have beautiful kids together.

 But a few days after new years I found her lying in the kitchen. She was breathing heavily. It was such a sad sight. The night before I was watching her watch me from the kitchen. I sat with her and she sat on my shoulder. I told her she smelled like cat and said don't try to break the vases in the house. A little after that she died. I honestly don't know what happened. It wasn't even my cat (she was my sister's) but I was so sad, I think because we all really like her, a lot. Till today I don't know what happened to her. I am glad it wasn't a virus since James is still well and I think he misses her too. He isn't as hyper as he use to be and I am going to have to let Mojo cheer him up a bit.

This was taken the day she died. He stayed with her. It was so sad to see him searching for the little cat. James is doing well, he is just a little spoiled now. We will miss you girl cat. I honestly don't know if we ever name her. I just call her 'girl'.

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