Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year celebration Part II: Birthdays

Two days after our family new year celebration we got a call from my granduncle saying that he is having another party for families at his house. We were wondering if it was just an extension of the new year celebration on Tuesday. No fireworks this time though only good company, food and karaoke sessions. Hahaha which I feel is a must at all these parties. We found out it was also my aunt, uncle and their son's birthday. So it was like a triple whammie. So far new year is not good for me. I need to start eating healthy but since it was a family thing I will give it a slide.

There was a lot more families that turned up I think because the next day is a weekend. It feels like the weekend comes twice for me. So far 2014 is good, I need to be more positive for the next 361 days to come.

Day 2 photo: Something that starts with G

Grandma of course. I can't wait to see her again in a few weeks. I miss you grandma!! If you are interested to do these photo a day you can go check out Fat Mum Slim blog

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