Monday, March 9, 2009

100 things

Lately I have been reading various hilarious blogs that I found (now I really don't remember how I found them). But anyway some of my favorite blogs to read are Clever Girl Goes Blog, and Starting Over at 24.I would say, they never fail to put a smile on my face ^_^.

Anywho, I was reading a blog earlier (A Glimpse of Sarah) and one of her entry was '100 things' about herself. Well I thought since I have been so lazy to blog about anything else I might as well blog about that. :P Beside last week I had this really great idea for what to write on this one (and on the Theater of Randomness: Unravelling Tangled Yarns - which I still will write when I am not soooo lazy :P ) my lappie had to go to the doctor :(. He was infected by this really scary and irritating virus so he was out for 4 days. Now that he is back to me (YAHOOO!!) I will finally get to writing something that has been accumulating in my mind for almost a month. :D Altho this is kinda fun but 100 random things are so hard to think of :P but here goes:

1. I am not single anymore (after 6 years of single-dom) and is happily in a relationship with CLK ^_^

2. One of my mostly used nicknames (that is not related to my real name) are Cici and Chrys :D

3. My parents said I was named after both of them (hard to imagine how - maybe Al (Albar) da (Faridah) ?)

4. is the number that Cesc Fabregas wears

5. is the date of my birthday :D

6. is the date of CLK's birthday ^_^

7. I love tall guys!

8. I like dancing altho I have never taken lessons (even tho I wanted to!)

9. I use to hate blogging now I think I am liking it

10. I LOVE taking pictures of anything and everything

11. I want to visit Egypt ever since I can remember

12. I'd love to live in either Ireland or Germany

13. I wish I could learn a 3rd language

14. ...preferabably Spanish, Italian, or French (in that order)

15. I love taking self portraits (which usually turn out the same everytime :P)

16. My friends says that I am photogenic ;)

17. I have 251 friends on my Yahoo! messenger (for real - but I've deleted like 100 more since I don't talk to them anymore, guess I should do another spring cleaning of Y! messenger)

18. I dream of having my own McD chain someday *dreamy eyes*

19. I love cats

20. and I have 8 of them up-to-date

21. I always say I will start exercising but I don't :P

22. I love to munch on stuff like candies and junk food

23. I love sour stuff ^_^

24. I always have to have my Sarawak pepper in every food I cook

25. I want to learn astronomy and Greek mythology

26. I dream of being an archieologist

27. I love PIZZA!!

28. I only had a boyfriend

29. People say I'm a big flirt

30. ...and I admit of being one

31. I love to be in the center of attention (altho I hate to admit it)

32. I envy my sisters

33. I have gained 15kg (so far and lost 5kg) since I started college

34. McD is one of the place 'we 'use to hang out

35. Most of my friends are engaged/to-be-married/married

36. I am very close to my cousins

37. I miss my late grandfather :(

38. I wear glasses (even tho some people don't know)

39. I don't wear contacts cause I am scared of them

40. Now I LOVE long maxi dresses

41. ...and any cute dresses for that matter

44. I collect boxes, and jewelry box and receipts

44. I talk to CLK an average of 10 hours daily

45. I have a small collection of stuffed animals

46. I love to buy used books (and new ones too - of course)

47. I love to read crime-type stories

48. I can't get myself away from the TV

49. I watch reality TV shows and my fave are Survivor and The Amazing Race

50. F.R.I.E.N.D.S is one of my fave show

51. I LOVE buying lingerie especially undies ^_^

52. I like corsets

53. I want to have a beach-side or garden-type wedding

54. My ultimate dream wedding attire would include black and red

55. I think I'm beginning to like shoes

56. I don't know how to apply makeup

57. ...but I love eye liners and mascara!!

58. I love seafood

59. I prefer fish to chicken

60. I am a fan of Sprite

61. My ultimate FAVORITE football (soccer) team is ARSENAL

. ...and I like the SPANISH football team

63. I use to follow the San Antonio Spurs basketball games

64. I am easily distracted

65. I love to smile (to everyone)

66. I tend to laugh non-stop at things that are usually (only) in my head :P

67. I tend to follow the way people around me talk (if I have been hanging out with them for more than 24hours)

68. My favorite parfum de toilette are BONDAGE by Jean Yves

69. I have 7 piercing on my ears

70. I wanted a pierced tongue but was too scared to get it

71. I have been playing the violin since I was 11

72. I am addicted to Facebook (bad bad)

73. One of my favorite band is The Starting Line

4. I think I am addicted to blog-shopping (for dresses!!)

75. I collect hoodies and cardi

76. I love watching the rain and being in the rain

77. I love kisses and hugs

Now I can't have enough of BIG handbags ^_^

79. I love the view of beaches altho I am scared of getting in the water

80. Sometimes I live in my fantasy

81. I love jewelries

. I wear a toe-ring

83. I love getting stuff in the mail

84. My first crush was Jim

85. I have a number of close friends but a few best friends in my life and I'm grateful

86. I am very indecisive

87. I have never traveled alone outside of the country

88. I'd love to visit all of the Asian countries someday

89. My favorite colors are black and red

88. I have naturally wavy-to-curly hair

89. I want to adopt kids someday

90. I have names for my children figured out ^_^ (yeah I know creepy)

91. I am grossed out by creepy crawly creatures, frogs, and lizards

92. I am afraid of heights and deep-bodies of water

93. I never shaved my legs (and IT still looks good - and I don't have hairy legs)

94. Winter is my favorite season :) even tho it never snow here

95. One of my all time favorite song is What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong
(after 2 of my elementary teachers danced to that song when I was in 5th grade, it made me fell in love with it)

I prefer having longer hair than shorter hair

97. I am more comfortable wearing a 3in heel than a 2in heel

98. I have a habit of sleeping with my head on the foot of the bed and sleeping sideways

99. I use to write poetry when I get sad and depressed

100. I have tag this but I won't cause I know no one read this :P


bigfatwitch said...

16. you ARE photogenic!
17. holy cow, woman... do you actually chat with all 251 ppl??
18. what's with your Ronald McDonald obsession? XD
21. me too! LOL!
23. the more sour the better!
25. i was totally into Greek mythology when i was a kid
28. O____O i don't believe you~
50. love how FRIENDS still affects me even though i've watched reruns a gazillion times
53. yeap, me too. None of that formal bersanding crap XD
68. i just read the BONDAGE. >:D
75. i don't consciously collect them, but i've got quite a few
84. not Carrey, right? No way~
95. just "awwwww~"
100. hey, i read this =p

a!k0 said...

LOL...yeah I was bored Juli :P

16. yay now i can handle the truth :P
17. yes at one point i do, now i just chat with half (or less) of those number :D
18. cause i love their fries =_=" (addiction)
21. LOL enough said
23. yes, YES ....sour sour stuff
25. haha really?? wah, i should sit and learn from you
28. yeah, really, CLK is no 2, but scandals were aplenty :p
50. YEAH tell me about it, corey and I were watching reruns when he was here :P
53. yeah like really nice garden-style dinner in the moon light *sigh* romantic :D
68. haha, eh they have very nice scents :P and im not into bondage...not until i find out ahahaha
75. hehe, who is actually conscious when they are shopping?
84. (Unfortunately...haha) its not Carrey, it was an ex-classmate
95. yes it was very romantic <3
100. yeah i know you actually did :P *hugs*

Akira said...

. . .sigh . . .

Nang sikda kerja....