Monday, March 9, 2009

FA Cup 5th round

Last night I was thinking what a great game the FA cup 5th round would be. And since Manchester United was thru to the semi-final after beating the opposite team (I don't know who they played) 4 - 0, and Chelsea winning 2 - 0, I was hoping Arsenal would do the same and go thru to the quarter final, where they would meet Hull City for the semi final spot (altho I wasn't aware that Chelsea and Man Utd was ahead by 1 game). So I was so psych last night and text my uncle who is also an Arsenal fan, asking if he was coming home to watch the game with us. My sister, my brother and my cousin was sitting in front of the tv eager to get the game going (but of course we couldn't since :P). My uncle was running late (like a half time late, and only made it to the 2nd half of the game) because he was busy at his fiancee's house, oh he's getting married this friday :P.

The game was not that great to start with. I thought they were a lil' scattered all over the place. :P Altho it was an interesting start to the game. And I thought I was having this
Déjà vu moment. They were playing Burnley for this 5th round FA cup and I thought 'didn't they play Burnley before?'. While I was waiting for the match to start, I was listening to "the game prediction" that was on and that's when they showed that Burnley had beaten Arsenal in the Carling Cup quarter finals by 3 - 0, and 'ahh no wonder I thought that they have played Burnley before!' lol. Damn by now I was hoping they would beat Burnley 5 - 0 ...hahaha >:) *evil laugh*

The lineup for Arsenal last night was:

Goalkeeper: Lukasz Fabianski
Defender: William Gallas, Bacary Sagna, Johan Djourou, Kieran Gibbs
Midfielders: Andrey Arshavin, Alex Song, Abou Diaby, Emmanuel Eboue
Strikers: Carlos Vela, Eduardo

Arsène Wenger kept the team to a young side. One of the highlights of the game for me was that Theo Walcott came in as a substitude after 4 months away with a shoulder injury, I was glad Theo got to play ^_^. Altho I would love to see Fabregas play too :P (CLK says he is my other bf, LOL).

It turned out to be a great game well because ARSENAL won :P. 3 - 0, it was a revenge for beating them in the Carling Cup. least that's what I like to think so.The first goal was a great goal by Vela, I thought he deserve to be the man of the match, but I think they gave it to Eduardo. It was a tough game because Burnley's keeper was huge (they said he is named the beast for his large stature...ahaha). Since it was that tough, Vela goal made it a sweet victory. I bet the keeper said to himself 'Damn I was fooled by that lil twerp' LOL. It was a great goal I tell ya.

The second goal was Eduardo's goal and I guess it was a very interesting one. The ball came to him a lil late and he put it in the goal by the heel of his boot, it was a good goal (ok maybe Vela's goal isn't that great but at least they were scoring). The third one was by Eboue, and he has been trying to score since the last few games and (finally) he got his chance. It was a rather Eboue-like goal, always wanting to try but coming up short, but that one was great. See now I am a happy camper ^_^. By the third goal (my uncle manage to get back in time for the second half) we were making noises like crazy. I wish CLK was there, since the games we saw were "boring" ones, this one and the last 3 games were great!!! My dad heard all the noise we were making and he actually came out of his bedroom and asked why we were making so much noise :P but it was fun. *sigh* A good game. I think my description of the game is boring so read here if you want to know more (but I doubt you would read it...hahahha).

Oooo, I found this really interesting clip. Go here to watch it...honest you will absofuckinglutely LOVE it >:) *evil laughter*.

~ Listening to Ernie - Rubber duckie (CLK thinks I'm going nuts!!), some All American Reject, Jimmy Eat World, Ash, Blink 182~ *damn I have to get ready for my Jazz practice*


bigfatwitch said...

yarabbi nang kaki bola lah ompuan tok XDDD

a!k0 said...

LOL...yeah its so nice to get your hopes high and anxiety rising then.....GOAL!!! *scream and shout* ahahaha, that what we did the other day nasib monday cuti so my dad wasnt pissed...HAHAHAHA >:D