Thursday, March 4, 2010

March 2010

Is is now March 2010. And I have not blogged anything for the past month and a half. Why you ask? Well I'll give you a list.

1. My cat has been catnapped by alien life forms and I tried to get her back but they will only exchange her for McDonald fries that are green in color.
2. I realized the sound that's been coming from under my bed were made by dust bunnies... I mean FOR REAL dust bunnies, bunnies made of dust. I was literally shocked.
3. My camera's battery got busted (effing batteries!!!)
4. One of my besties (Mama) was here on a 5 week holiday and now she is back in Perth. :( I only got to spend half a day with her...I miss her already.
5. My other bestie got engaged in January...I didn't go but I am happy for her :D. My other bestie will be getting engaged in June. :) So that's two engagement in a span of 6 months...I am wondering when my turn will be. CLK, ahem ahem*** babe, hint XD.
6. My married bestie is having her 3rd baby in August or September!!! :D Yay for intolerable kids :P haha, kidding...they are cute, sweet, sugar and spice and everything nice. :D
7. I have been going for my orchestra practice for the last month or so, we played for the Prime Minister of Malaysia on the 22nd of February. :) That was a hectic week...and now I am on cruise control.
8. Will have more shows in April and June. So fingers crossed. :)
9. Been internet-browsing wedding bands...loving the newly fresh designed. We (CLK and I) do it together.
10. Been a lazy ass....(I didn't want to sum it up in 4 words so I made a list XD...ahahaha) has been some crazy roller coaster and such..and hey I have been playing FarmVille on Facebook, so if you play too ADD me!!! I accept you as neighbors!!! <3

I will add some pics just to make this post longer and worthwhile :P


~ Birthday girl with surprise birthday cake ~

~ During last Wednesday surprise birthday lunch ~

~ Typical day...with McDonalds!! ~

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