Monday, April 12, 2010

Peter Korbel

Last Thursday, me, Juli and her parents went to our first SONS concert. I mean literally it was my first concert sitting in the audience and not trying to keep up with the conductor. I was not sitting there under the hot spot light trying to keep in tempo so I wouldn't mess up or play catch up with the pieces. It actually felt nice (and sleepy!). I was sleepy because I had very little sleep the night before...and not because the orchestra was boring. :D I was a satisfied audience. Altho there was some minor ufff-ness that I wished they would've fixed at the interval. The Germany guess guitarist, Peter Korbel was indeed amazing but his pieces was so muffed that I couldn't hear it clearly. Either that or that they did not amplified the sound coming from his guitar. I think that was one of the downside of the concert. But believe me, the orchestra improved 100% from our concert last year. And trust me, last year wasn't good...we messed up twice =___=''.

So here are some of the pictures I took (from my seat cause I was lazy to get up from my ass and since we had front row seats, I was happily stuck to the chair :P)

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