Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bing! anyone?? (with pics!)

I have been having cravings lately....tacos, pizza, Italian food in general...and cheesecake, so when Juli was waving a 'hey you flag' earlier today, I had to go in with the swoop! We should definitely hang out!!! And where else would we go but Bing! :) was our first time at Pullman (together) and wanted to try out the Bing! there...and see if it was as good and the aura is as romantic as the other 3 cafe. My first impression was it was similar but not as romantic as the others. It has its signature orange/brown theme...which I am beginning to like! and there was not a lot of people there (which was a good thing) cause we were looking for a seating with a real nice ambiance with a plug on the wall (since Juli's lappie don't have a functional battery). We were lucky to find a comfy secluded area with a couch, 2 tables, 3 stools and a place for Juli's laptop :D (and that the 2 girls were leaving just as we were eying that spot. I forgot to take a picture of it...but it was secluded from the open space of the cafe...I like. :D

I forgot that my lappie has an embedded webcam...duh~ so we took some pics :D

So anyway overall we love the food!! As always...lasagna was delish! and we decided to share a beef lasagna with tiramisu, while I had my ice blended mocha and Juli had ice blended caramel...funny story about the caramel. XD Best decision of the night was to share dinner...cause it was just the perfect portion. I wasn't too full that I couldn't move from my seat and walk to the car...but just perfect. :D Really good night overall.

And the caramel story. LOL sorry Juli I just gotta tell it! So somehow it just so happen that every time we make our way to eat at Bing! Juli seem to order the same thing: ice blended caramel. So we don't know for sure if it was just last night, or that she just had a blonde moment and only realized it last night, that ice blended caramel isn't isn't right???! LOL

Juli :  My drink don't taste like taste more like milk shake.

Me :  Well you did have caramel.

Juli looks at me kinda surprised. 

Juli :  Did I?

Me laughing at her 'blonde' moment.

Me : YES you always have caramel when we go to Bing!

Juli : But I thought ALL ice blended is coffee.

o.O LOL I don't know...are they??

View from our seats, the deco is very simple and ambiance not as low.

Busy and wifi connection was pretty fast!

Mocha and Caramel

Beef Lasagna *the craving kicks in*

Our dinner (lots of calories in this one!)

A picture under a lamp post :P

We can say we've been to all four Bing!s (which reminds me of Chandler Bing :P)

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