Monday, May 24, 2010

Should I be JEALOUS?!

Should I? Like really? It sometimes pisses me off when he talks about his ex, so should I be jealous? HELL yeah...I am kinda pissed off but sometimes I think I am being irrational. Ugghhh...really? I sound like an annoying for me. :-/

I guess to me it is kinda weird and annoying...more annoying than weird that his EXgf is his friend, like yeah I know...I am so immature but really? I don't think I can be anything with an ex, except maybe ex-classmates, I am still friends with, but really? Friends with your exgf? I guess I don't get it cause for me it would be kinda awkward and weird and maybe I sound stupid. Gahhhh! It's bad enough they are friends but he ALWAYS have to use her name follow by "my ex-gf". Do you really have to remind me?

I guess I just want him to always keep "reminding" me that SHE is HIS exGF! I should really just talk to him about it, but I think I am being irrational... *pout*


Anonymous said...

the REAL deal about heycheri!

you dont wanna miss this

Anonymous said...
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LiLu said...

I dunno, that would drive me nuts, personally. At least with RECENT exes. We're both friends with a few, but they're from long, long ago... hence no feelings or anything like that, yanno?

a!k0 said...

Oh...i would love to read the real deal about heycheri ;)

LiLu: well yanno I am not really the jealous type of person but he keeps mentioning the exgf part when he couldve just mention her name. I mean I am ok with them hanging out, its beyond my control but really? it's like reminding me hey i use to date her and were still hanging out and you know she was my gf...WAS ...just dont keep reminding me dude. i guess i am jealous :-/

a!k0 said...

@anonymous: hmmm i dont really believe that :-/