Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Pee and Poo

And it wasn't my pee or poop, thankfully. *Pheww* So last week, one of my cat Boone was diagnosed with kidney know where you can't pee. Yeah that happened to him. I can't believe it...and it reminded me of my dad. :P Yeah it is not pretty.

He has been sickly lately, not wanting to eat or drink or pee for that matter. So I took him to the vet, thankfully not too late. :( As of 2 Fridays ago, he is safe and sound at home, being a lil fussy, a fussy kitty. I did spent a lot of the vet fees (LIKE a HELLlot) which I am not too happy about :-/ and now he can't eat solid food only canned cat food. Why he hates to drink is beyond me. o.O

Boone being a sickly lil cat :(

The day I got him from the vet, he actually peed and pooped in his 10 seconds after we stepped out of the vet. Like WTF?? Just my luck having to be confined with a cat that peed and pooped and having to drive 20 minutes....and I couldn't use the air conditioner... The car kinda stank for a while but thankfully it was my mom's :P but we had to go out to dinner that same day and everyone say it smelled like cat pee o.O. I had to fess up but he's forgiven cause he was sick... :D hehehe.

Anyway he is home now and eating... a LOT, I personally think he is making up on all the food he missed and didn't eat when he was sick...poor baby. :) I will have to take a picture of a semi-healthy Boone. :) I am glad he is home...altho not so since he went wandering too far 2 days ago...and now he can't play outside anymore. I am paranoid like that.

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