Wednesday, July 7, 2010

World Cup 2010. So far...

OMGIAMSOHAPPYRIGHTNOW!! I have been busy with the world cup games and rooting for my fave teams (SPAIN!! yay! Holland and well I was hoping Argentina would make it too but the revenge is already executed by the Spaniards!! HAHA!) and today I just have to write something. :D Spain made it to the finals. For. The. First. Time. EVER! I am so happy!! And going against the Netherlands...couldn't be happier.

Although I am sadden that the Germans didn't make it to the finals, they did real good. :) I do like the way the Germans play their games, with confidence and all but I think they were trying to defend too much with the Spaniards. Maybe it was just me. Cause I only watched the second half of the game (thankfully!) before Puyol's goal! :D Happy beyond words. ^_^ Now if only they can beat the Dutch :P

Since both of my fave players plays for both teams (V Persie and Fabregas) it is undecided for me who I want to win. I do hope that Spain wins cause it is their first ever time to the finals. And they deserve it. Although I do hope Torres get a score at least and Villa get the golden boot. :D I like Sneijder but you's an all Spain affair :P.

Am also looking forward for the Germany v Uruguay game. I think both teams are great! They display great football skills and they have scored impressive goals. I am looking forward to Muller and Lahm to play...and I think they game will be a great one!! Too bad all four teams can't make it to the finals...or it wouldn't be call a FINAL ^_^.

And finally, PAUL was right!! I hope he is safe somewhere in Germany. :) Please don't eat Paul. He is a good octopus...who could predict matches. :D I think he will be very famous now!

Isn't he just adorable?

The Spanish prediction *sources from internet*

Can't wait for the finals~~

Puyol's goal (

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