Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Awards

This won't probably be the last World Cup related entry. Since I just found out a few stuff I didn't know about everything, I might share some. :) I don't know if you knew but after the games have been played there are a few awards that are given out to outstanding team, outstanding player, goalkeeper and the works, so just for me to remember 2010 by here's the list I got from fifa.com.

Adidas Golden Ball

Diego Forlan from Uruguay named the Best Player ahead of Netherlands' Wesley Sneijder and Spain David Villa.


Adidas Golden Boot

Thomas Mueller from Germany won this award ahead of Wesley Sneijder and David Villa (see these 2 names always comes together, I think they would make a great partnership!). All 3 had 5 goals and they were separated by the number of assists, which Mueller have 3 and Sneijder and Villa only have 1. This award is given to the one that scored the most gold.


Adidas Golden Glove

Spain goalkeeper Iker Casillas is one of the best. :) He only conceded only 2 goals in the tournament and got him the golden glove.


FIFA Fair Play Award

This goes to Spain, they are just great! :D


Last Man of the Match

It goes to the only goalscorer in the final match that is Andres Iniesta. :) 

Hyundai Best Young Player

He is only 20 and one of the most prominent player in the game altho they didn't win the cup but he helped Germany win 3rd place. 


And of course last but not least the tournament standings.


Winner: Spain
Runner up: Netherlands
Third: Germany
Fourth: Uruguay

And to think that four years ago Spain only made it in fourth place and this year won the cup, they have a really long way to defend their cup and hopefully David Villa will be playing in the next World Cup!

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