Sunday, July 11, 2010

SPAIN ... the King of the World: World Cup 2010 Winner

Need we say much?

It was not the best game of the World Cup. And it was a 1-0 victory after 116minutes of play time...but it wasn't that boring either. I will have to say the 3rd place match was a lil livelier. :) But I am happy Spain won, their first ever final game and they won. The are the history boys!! Two years ago they won the Euro cup and now the World Cup. :) I just am sadden that the Oranje team didn't get to go home with the cup, there can only be one winner. Right? They have been to the finals 3 times and did not lift the trophy. I can't wait to see them play in the 2014 World Cup.

They did a real good job the Dutch...but not good enough to prevent Iniesta to score the only goal of the match. It was also Giovanni van Bronckhorst last game. I am sure he must be the saddest player there, so close yet so far. So long World Cup South Africa 2010. It has been a great 1 month together, till we meet again in Brasil in 2014!

Good bye South Africa!!

This was a bitter sweet moment for me when Cannavaro lifted the trophy for the last time. :) Too bad XD

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