Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Google doodles: May 21st

This was on Google's homepage for Japan on the 21st. It's the Japanese annual eclipse. Did anyone catch the eclipse on the weekend?

One of these days I will have to catch an eclipse! I think I remember having seen one when I was in elementary school in Wisconsin but after that I always miss out. I have seen a lunar eclipse recently :D It was pretty.


20 York Street said...

OH my! I totally missed that! There was an eclipse?

I remember really waiting for one and it was so exciting!


Twenty York Street
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Barbie said...

In Texas, we had kind of a different look... I believe it's called the "Ring Of Fire" where the moon covers the sun, but not completely. I missed it because it was cloudy over here, but I heard in Japan it should have been really nice!

Drop Dead, Gorgeous

a!k0 said...

@20YS: Yes there was but it was only available on the western hemisphere. I couldn't see it :( I hope you catch the next one :D

@Barbie: Oh that is so cool. I don't think I have seen one but would be cool to see. I think there was a few eclipse that I missed because it was rainy or cloudy. Lucky Japanese!