Saturday, May 12, 2012

Seasons are ending~ What to expect next season

What seasons you may ask? Well the end of shows, the finale, and the dreaded question: did your favorite shows made it to the next season? :D

Of course if you know me and my shows, I watch a whole bunch of them. You can check my TV dates. I am so happy that my 3 of my favorite new shows are making a comeback next season :) I am keeping my fingers crossed to see if more good news will follow!

The list (taken from

ABC series:- 

Grey's Anatomy

I have not watched this since it's season 4 premier but it's still hanging strong.


I just started to watch Castle (from season 1) and I am liking it. Although I love any cop-murder-CSI-esque drama, I liked it.


Now this was a love or hate show but I loved it! Jack or Daniel, Daniel or Jack? Gosh Emily (Amanda) pick one! I would've picked Jack. He's more of my type but Daniel has the ka-ching. I love the dresses they wear tho...

Once Upon a Time (YAY!!)

I was so happy this series is renewed!! :D I love love this show! It would be hard for me to wait for season 2.

The Middle

I have not watched a single episode of this show but I guess now it's worth the time. Since they are all on summer vacation  it's good to get up to speed with what's going on.


Another one of my favorite show this year! :) It's funny and quirky and just awesome. :D If you have not watched this you should!

Modern Family

I just started watching this and loved it. Talk about dysfunctional family XD.

The Lying Game

I actually liked this series. I am dying to know what happens next!

Pretty Little Liars

Love the fashion and wish I was as pretty... A strikes again.

Switched at Birth

This could happen in real life. It might have...I dig it.

NBC series:-


I have only watched a few episodes of this but I love Lauren Graham. That's one good reason to watch more.

Law & Order: SVU

You know... cops. XD

30 Rock (final season)

This is just...haha. Funny. 


Oh tell me you want more of Troy and Abed. Those two makes me laugh... :D I love this. I am glad they came back for season 3 and a season 4, shortened but at least they are back(for now!).

Grimm (yay!)

Nick + Monroe = awesome. :D

Fox series:- 


I love the little boy in this. And of course Keifer Sutherland.


Love Bones. And Special Agent Seely Booth :D

New Girl

I love this show! Definitely hilarious :D And too bad Damon Wayans Jr was only in the first episode. If you have not watched this, you should.  

CW series:-

Supernatural (woohoo!)

Winchester boys returns.

Vampire Diaries

My sister love this show..I have only watched the first episode. Maybe I should start but the vampire theme thingy is kinda getting old.

FX series:-

American Horror Story

I am curious to see what changed in season 2 and who stayed.

CBS series:-

Criminal Minds

You know...cop shows.

How I met your mother

One word. Legen-- wait for it -- dary. :D


I remember watching this when Kate died, then I stopped and they have started playing this again on tv. Yay! My favorite characters would have to be Abby and McGee.


So the news is Ted Danson is awesome. And CSI will be renewed for another season. The other news is CSI: Miami and CSI: NY is under preforming. Truth be told I like NY more than Miami, although I do like Horatio. We will have to see what happens.

Edit: I heard that they are cancelling CSI: Miami and renewing CSI: NY for another season and I heard of a special season crossover. We will have to see. I wonder if any of the character will make it into the other CSI shows? Example, Ryan Wolf character. I like him. He would be awesome next to Greg Saunder or in NY. Let's hope.

Hawaii Five-0

My bf have a thing for Grace Park. Yeah I am kinda jelly, she is hot and sexy. Hmmm...

Person of Interest

I like this show. Just watched the latest episode and I am glad they are making a season 2. Who wouldn't want to have a guardian angel like John? He will definitely keep you safe. :D

HBO series:-

Game of Thrones

Seems like most shows on HBO is a little revealing, if you know what I mean but I love the story. I have not started watching season 2 yet because I would need this when all the shows have had their season finale. :D Then I would have something to watch. Oh and I want that wolf!

True Blood

USA series:-

White Collar

Syfy series:-

Warehouse 13

Which shows are you looking forward to the next season? And what other shows have you enjoyed last year? For a full list of which shows made it to another season or which shows are cancelled go here.


Mimi said...

you know how much i love once upon a time, haha! ;) i also really really love revenge -- i am team jack, definitely. and omg, please watch grey's anatomy again, it is soooo good! :D

<3, Mimi

a!k0 said...

I know how much we love once upon a time!! and I am team Jack too!! I wish she and Amanda/Emily would get together soon!! XD I can't wait for next season, for both!! I should watch Grey's again shouldn't I? :P