Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Got books?

So last week (and the weekend!) I went a little crazy. They had this book fair going on and I didn't even know it! I am glad I found out before it was too late..and thankfully too. If not I would probably spent more than what I intended to spent :P. It was worth it I must say.

These are some of the books that you would see if you step into the area...this is just a section. The other side of the room was romance and other. I didn't really go through that area until the last day. The cheapest book was MYR0.50 (MYR1.00 = USD0.32). These paperback books were sold for MYR3.90 to MYR9.90. I tell ya it was worth every cent. The water damaged books range from MYR1.00 to MYR2.00.

I did not pay attention to the hardcover books until the last day. I mean I couldn't neglect those. They were everywhere. And little did I know, the books without the covers were sold for MYR3.90 and the others are marked but nothing more than MYR9.90. It was like being in a candy store. :D I did not take pictures of the books I bought. I shall do that in the next few posts. I got a James Patterson book for MYR3.90. STEAL!

I love secondhand books. I guess you can call me cheap but I can't justify paying for full price when I can get them at less than half price. :) Unless it is something I really want and I can't find it anywhere else, then I would pay full price for it XD. Do you have a book store that you frequent? I shall start reading again. XD


Ayu~Emma said...

SO CHEAP!!! LEMME DIE!!!~~~ Jealous!

a!k0 said...

i know!!