Friday, August 10, 2012

Playlist Friday: Yellowcard - Only one

Happy Friday everyone!! At least I am hoping it's a Friday where you are. :D I missed last Friday because it was so hectic! I am sorry :). I should schedule these PF so I can never miss a single Friday again!

How is everyone enjoying the Olympic so far? And the Googlympics? LOL I think they are cute! I will update you on those in case you miss any of them~ Today it was interactive Google doodle (go on and play if you havent!).

Today I want to share you my favorite song from a band called Yellowcard. This is my favorite song from them, it kinda reminds me of my single-dateless days where I always wonder weather I will every find my 'only one'. I use to listen to this song everyday, over and over again sometimes. HAHA. Pathetic right? but it is a very catchy songs. If you have not check them out (or heard of them) you should.

How was your week guys? Mine was pretty awesome and sad at the same time. I have some pictures that I will edit and upload this weekend (fingers crossed!). I have been so busy trying to get the house together for the holidays coming up and making cookies! :D Hope your weekend will be awesome!

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